Easy Memory Keeping with Michaels Recollection Calendar Kit

Michaels Recollection Calendar Kit

Where has the time gone!!?? It is less than 2 weeks until Christmas! Time flies by so fast and there is so much that I want to remember forever! Life just happens so quickly, especially during the holidays and I know if I do not document the little and the big moments that they will pass by and fade into my memory. Being proactive about memory keeping is super important to me. I want to write down those special memories now so that I don’t forget them later. Proactive…sometimes a scary word, but no worries, there is a super simple way to jot down those memories and save those favorite pictures and keep them forever! Continue reading

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Easy Scrapbooking

National Scrapbook Month!

May is National Scrapbooking Month. Now I know that might not mean a whole lot to some of you, but since I am a scrapbook enthusiast AND am working uber hard to get caught up to date on my scrapbooks this year, it means a lot to me! So since I am working like a dog to get all my memories up to date into albums I thought today I would share a super easy, great trick for some easy scrapbooking.

This little trick can help you whip out some quick, great looking pages and you can use this technique over and over again and get different results every time. Genius! Seriously I love it!! Continue reading

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CK Convention and Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking 32 Turns

This last Friday I had the awesome chance to attend the annual CK Convention here in Mesa, Arizona! LOVE, love, love this conference. I try to attend every year and since I missed last years event, I was super excited to be able to make it this year. So many incredible vendors with amazing ideas and amazing products. I have so many new ideas bouncing around in my brain now I can’t wait to get to work on creating them and then sharing them with you ! I got some good deals on some fun stuff, and then of course there were some items that I absolutely COULD NOT live without and I spent too much on!! Oh well! {wink} it was totally worth it, sometimes something just inspires you and you HAVE TO HAVE IT! I cannot be the only one this happens to…..right?? 🙂

My sweet friend Amy attended the conference with me and it was so enjoyable to spend the day shopping with her as she is as in love with paper and scrapbooking supplies as I am which is A LOT!! She completely understands my obsession with Continue reading

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