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A few weeks ago I spoke at our church’s monthly enrichment meeting. This meeting is just for the women at my church, and the monthly topics are focused on helping us to learn and grow spiritually and mentally so we can become the best wives, mothers and women we can be! I really enjoy these enrichment meetings. There is always something to learn, and I love the friendships I have built with the other women there. Those relationships alone are enough of a reason for me to attend!! But I always leave these meetings feeling uplifted and renewed and I usually come away with some type of new knowledge, and I am excited to be even better at my jobs of mom, wife and woman.

So, back to my first sentence. I was asked to give a short 15 min. presentation on cleaning and organizing. Now, if you know me you will know that I do LOVE a clean and organized house! Does that mean that my house IS always clean and organized?  Heck no….I wish!!! But I am not going to say no to an assignment talking about cleaning and organizing, that stuff makes me excited like a kid at Christmas. Even if I don’t use all the tips I shared, I wish I did, my life would run way more smoothly.

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