Chalkboard Banner

Chalk Board Banner

Lately I have been crushing hard on chalkboard paint! I change my mind A LOT and chalk boards are seriously perfect decorations for someone who is often changing things up!

Chalk Board Banner

I made this banner for my daughter’s 5th birthday a few weeks ago. Super easy. Here is the supply list: Continue reading

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How to Make a Chalkboard Sign


How to Make a Chalkboard sign by Brad, a.k.a Mr. 32 Turns. I am am excited to guest post for Britany today!

So you want to learn how to make a chalkboard sign? I came up with the idea to take a piece of trash and turn it into something useful so I got invited to the club; you can call it a “treasure” if you want to. It is kind of funny though, I feel like Britany has me brainwashed to keep my eyes peeled for projects to post about. Come on, I know you other husbands of bloggers must feel the same right?! When I presented the idea of turning an old griddle into a chalkboard sign she said I absolutely had to post about it. I am quite sure this was because she wouldn’t dare take credit for such a thing.

Me post about something?! I can hardly read let alone type. In fact it has taken me 45 minutes to get to this point (no not really). I almost regretted bringing this idea up in the first place but I said I’d do it, so here I am.  Saying “yes, dear” is a big ingredient for the recipe of a happy marriage cake. After this post, I’ll be happy to sneak back into the shadows of 32 Turns by managing the technical side again; and so will you. Happy reading!

On Saturday I was working on the car, cleaning the garage, burping, and doing other manly stuff.  Until I looked over and saw this old griddle sitting in the trash. The brain wash mechanics kicked right in and I thought, “Hmm, what I can I turn this into?” (thought in the voice of monotone robot 😐 ). The griddle looks to be in pretty good shape but makes yin yang pancakes. You know, the kind of pancakes where one side is completely white and uncooked and the other side is black and over cooked; cheap WalMart special. Most of the time the griddle wouldn’t even heat up unless you placed a block of cheese under the cable connector. Unfortunately, this kitchen appliance was beyond repair.

Old griddle sitting in the trash

I started by taking out all of the screws to see what it looked like without the handles and frame. I have been doing this since Continue reading

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