Baby Shower-Part One

I am SO excited to share this post with you!!! I love a good Baby Shower, and this one truly was so much fun.

Baby Shower

The people, the food, my dear pregnant friend; it was perfection in a Baby ShowerI tell you. There is so much to show you that I am splitting this shower into 2 parts. This post will focus on the decorations and the people. Tomorrow we will delve into food and dessert, yum!

Jamie, from I Heart Naptime, and I threw this shower for our friend Melissa. Isn’t she gorgeous! This is her first baby and of course it is a GIRL! I have 2 girls and pink is a staple color in every room of our home, much to my husband’s dismay:)

Baby Shower

The three of us girls live right next door to each other on a cul de sac and let me tell you I couldn’t ask for better neighbors or friends. Jamie is moving soon, and breaking up the bunch. (insert sad face here) Our street and our lives just aren’t going to be the same when she is gone.

Baby Shower

I am so glad that I had this one last excuse to craft and party with Jamie. We had tons of fun planning and making food, crafting up decorations and putting on this shower. I am going to miss you Jamielyn! Thanks for being my “partner in crime”. My late night craft adventures are just not going to be the same without you! Plus, who will I borrow a can of rotel from when I am all out and need to make my favorite salsa?

But if we had to have one last hurrah, this shower for Melissa was the perfect opportunity. The three of us were able to make some memories we will never forget and not only celebrate this new little sweet baby girl that is coming soon, but also celebrate the years of our friendship. It was a good day, a very good day.

But, (drumroll please 🙂 on to the baby shower and all the pink and pretty details. Get excited, you will like it!

Let’s start in the courtyard. My momma was so kind and sweet to let us host the party at her lovely home. Her house is just so much better suited to a huge gathering than mine or Jamie’s. Thanks MOM!! Not only did she allow us to invade her home, move her furniture, un-hang her wall art, etc. But she also scaled a 12 foot ladder over and over to help us hang poms from the ceiling. It is a shameful fact….but apparently Jamie and I are both afraid of heights!! Eeeek, I tried to climb that ladder and my legs turned to jelly about 3/4 of the way up, I am terrified of heights!! So of course my Mom came to the rescue and scaled that ladder like a woman half her age. She swooped in and saved me from my fears just as she has been doing my entire life.

But I digress….back to the courtyard. We hung HUGE paper pinwheels to the entrance gate.

Baby Shower Pinwheels

A wreath, balloons and welcome sign finished off the walk to the front door.

Collage 3

Baby Shower Entryway

Inside the door we placed a table with the shower favors, and baby pictures of Melissa. Fun to see what her baby might look like. Jamie and I also took some prego pics of her and displayed them in pink chunky frames all around the shower. Poms bunched above the table completed the entryway.

Baby Shower Entry Way Table

Thank You Favors Baby Shower

Aren’t those polka dot and striped favor bags so yummy? We filled them with lemon drops and pink and white animal cookie to follow our shower theme.

Outside in the back yard we placed 6 round tables. We covered each table in a white tablecloth, and tied pink tulle bows on the back of each chair. The centerpieces were made up of 3 hurricanes filled and decorated with cutesy things including fresh flowers which make my insides happy.

Baby Shower

Here are some of our shower guests enjoying the food and each other’s company.

Baby Shower Guests

The presents, oh the presents.  The Present table, covered in a to die for ruffled pink piece of fabric (I tried to steal this fabric from Jamie, but she caught me!) was covered in gift bags and boxes. Another grouping of poms over the top, with a banner pinned to the front of the table let guests know exactly where to place their presents, just in case it was confusing (wink, wink:)

Present Table Baby Shower

We have such wonderful friends. Melissa received so many amazing gifts, the girl made a straight up HAUL! We all oohed and aahed as each girly gift was opened.

Baby Shower

Here is a pic of Jamie and I, good thing you can’t see the sweat marks under our arms, gross! We were working hard!!

Baby Shower

The post wouldn’t be complete without another picture of the 3 girls who live on the same street.

Baby Shower

And just so Melissa’s hubby doesn’t feel left out, (we don’t want to ignore his contribution to this blessed event!!) Here is a pic of the happy, soon to be parents. Congratulations you two, we love you lots!

Baby Shower Guest of Honor

I hope you aren’t now suffering from something called picture overload disease. I sure hope not, since Baby Shower, Part 2 will be equally as swamped with LOTS and LOTS of pictures.

Tune in tomorrow, for Part Two, If you dare!!!

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Vendor Credits and Resources:

Cake by: Inspired Sugar

Favors and Balloons by: Petite Party Studio

Straw Tags and Baby Banner by: Minted

Photography by: Jamielyn at I Heart Naptime

Styling by: I Heart Naptime and 32 Turns

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