Easy Easter Buckets

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Easy Easter Buckets, this is exactly what I needed this year as Easter is this SUNDAY and I am just now getting ready!!! How is Easter in 2 days? I claim no responsibility for being so late in getting ready because it still March, in my head Easter is in April. I think that is how it managed to sneak up on me.

This year I have made a parental decision. I can do that, I am the parent. I do love holidays, absolutely love them. I do not, however love all the candy I am supposed to buy or pumpkins I am supposed to carve or eggs I am supposed to decorate, etc. I know I am a little bah humbug about certain parts of certain holidays. But I feel like we can have some super great times and make fantastic memories without me having to spend so much time and energy running around trying to make and decorate and buy and facilitate all these parts of Holidays that I don’t even particularly enjoy. This year we are going to be more simple, more cheap, and just spend time enjoying each others company as a family. Well, that is the dream any way…..we will see what really happens.

So in keeping with this simpler holiday theme, I do not like buying Easter Baskets. Don’t get me wrong, I do like them, they are super cute. I just don’t like storing them all year. After Easter is over they don’t fit in my storage totes, they just get all smashed up. It is a waste of money. So this year I bought buckets. Buckets are cheap. Buckets can be used for other stuff during the year. I like buckets.

Easy Easter Buckets

Easy Easter Buckets

But they were a little plain, vinyl was in order. I used my Cricut and cut the girls names. Then it still needed something. A bunny image was perfect and made it clear that the bucket was in fact for Easter.

Easy Easter Buckets

What do you think? I think they are adorable, easy, and super affordable. Each bucket cost me around $3 dollars at Hobby Lobby. My kinda price tag.

So if you haven’t found the perfect Easter Basket for your kids, or you just don’t want to pay for one, or store one…….maybe a bucket!?!

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