Happy Belated Halloween


Happy belated Halloween! Ok, let’s face it, Halloween is NOT my favorite holiday. I am not saying that I am a Halloween grinch….just that it isn’t my favorite. I don’t like to carve pumpkins, WHAT you say?? Yes, it is not my thing. I don’t like the mess, I don’t like that they rot in a few days. My kids will probably be scarred for life since I deprive them of this experience year after year. I avoid pumpkin carving like the plague. This year I dodged the bullet by handing my girls colored sharpies and letting them draw faces on their pumpkins…..mom of the year right?!? This is a serious confession I am making here today, kind of embarrassing, please don’t take away my mom card. {wink}

I do however really like dressing up and getting my girls dressed up. This is the first time in years that my husband and I have not dressed up. I was so busy with our Fall Festival at school that my husband and I’s costumes just did not happen! Good thing my parents dressed up though. Aren’t they awesome!


My girlies turned out super cute. My youngest wanted to be a vampire, so since I don’t like the nasty, yucky, scary part of Halloween I turned her into a vampire princess. Cute huh? Don’t you just love her, I do, I just can’t help myself!


My oldest wanted to be a witch. Love it! We found her the green wicked witch costume from Wizard of Oz. Love her face!


What is super amazing, is that my hubs did the girl’s makeup while I was at a PTA event. Isn’t he amazing? I totally expected them to look a mess, and they looked amazing!

I wanted to share some pics too from our Fall Festival. It was such a success. We have almost 1,000 people attend and take up the entire campus. We run carnival type games, have a huge raffle of donated items from businesses in the community, a pumpkin carving contest, and crafts for the kids including cookie decorating and a cupcake walk. It is our biggest most fun event of the year.


This is me, our principal on my far left, my Fall Festival chairperson on my direct left (bless her, she is incredible) and on my right is the AC guy from Cooper Heating & Cooling that gave away a 7,000 dollar AC unit at our raffle!!! He is my hero this month and helped our school earn a ton of much needed funds! Plus one of our families got a much needed AC unit for a killer deal of a $1 raffle ticket, SCORE!


I didn’t even know this was taken until going back through our photographers pics, just me with my HUGE soda checking on how everything is going. 🙂


Look at how fun that Mr. Bones limbo looks!

I also had to include a cute pic of my little bro who is on his mission in Brazil right now. He emailed us this pic last week and told us how much he missed Halloween since they don’t celebrate it there. Isn’t he adorable? He comes home on Christmas Eve and I cannot wait. Two years is a long time!


So, better late than never, there is my Halloween recap 2013.

How was your Halloween?

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