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Who doesn’t love their house to smell amazing when they walk in the door? Sometimes I wonder what my house smells like. Does anyone else have that same problem? I think that because we live in our own houses that we can’t really smell what “our” smell is. I walk into other people’s houses, or give someone else a hug and I can smell all sorts of things. Their laundry detergent, cleaners they use, air fresheners , candles they light or plug in, air sprays, deodorant and hair products, etc. All the things people do in their houses combine to give them that unique smell that is all them. I have always wondered what unique smell my own house has. For anyone who has been in my house, feel free to comment on the smell of my house, unless it smelled funky while you were here…..in that case, keep that to yourself. ūüôā

Let’s be honest here….there are definitely times that I KNOW what my house¬†smell is because I walk in the door and WHOA, stink alert! Dirty dishes, dirty laundry, the garbage can, and so many other things can make my house smell bad. And during the holiday season I am almost always behind on my household chores.:( Too much stuff to get done! Luckily there are things like Scentsy (my personal favorite in yummy home smeller uppers) and air fresheners and potpourri.

At Christmas time I really like to make my own homemade potpourri. It is so easy, and super cheapo, cheap. Plus, it smells really, really good. Basically, it makes my house smell like Christmas, and that makes my heart happy.

I l-o-v-e to walk into my house and get punched in the face with a yummy smell. I mean punched, no wussy fragrances for my home, nope, only strong smells people. No guessing about it, you walk in the door and you know you what you are smelling.

Here is the recipe I use every year to make my home smell like a Christmas Wonderland. Definitely a delight (hee hee) to my senses! Bring on the Holidays!


handful of fresh cranberries

orange slices

3 to 4 cinnamon sticks

1 TB cloves

2-3 cups water 


Add ingredients to a pot and simmer on the stove. If the water gets low, just add more and enjoy the delicious smell!

Hope your home smells wonderful for the Holiday Season!

This potpourri also makes a wonderful gift! Here are some links from some fellow amazing blog ladies that also have a free gift tag printable. Just package up the ingredients, attach the gift tag and hello~ awesome gift!


“Simmering Potpourri” from Something Scentsible


“Stovetop Potpourri” from Liz on Call

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  • this is a great idea you saved us (kris and i) this will work great for our sisters we visit teach!!! you give me such wonderful ideas all the time! YOU ARE AMAZING love you…..

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