Lamp Makeover

Lamp Makeover

I know this is kind of a silly little post:) But I am going to post it up anyway!!! There are always things sitting around my house that I don’t like and would be so easy to change with a little spray paint, fabric, a hot glue gun, etc. But I don’t do it….until one day I DO! Then it takes me like 5 minutes to update something and I love it when before I hated it. WHY do I wait so long to just take a few minutes to change things and make them fit my space better? Do any of you do this?

In this case we are talking about a lamp, more specifically a lamp makeover. I have had this lamp for over 10 years and it wasn’t bad, just super simple and plain. Here it is sitting on my piano, I should have taken a better before picture! Sorry 🙁

Lamp Makeover

I bought it a new lampshade. Bought some pink spray paint and gave it a new color. The shade was still too boring so I grabbed the hot glue gun and attached some cute grey ribbon. Now it matches my craft room and is poppin’ with personality! What do you think?

Lamp Makeover

The next post up is my CRAFT ROOM MAKEOVER! I can’t wait to show it to you, come back to check it out!

While you are waiting for the awesomeness that is my next post (LOL) Here are some additional lamp makeovers just in case you have a lamp sitting around that needs a redo!

kate spade inspired lamp makeover 3Rain On a Tin Roof

Lamp-Makeover-Label-550x825My Blessed Life

unlit_song_lyric_lampPretty Handy Girl

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