My Dog Follows Me Everywhere

My Dog Follows Me Everywhere

I Love my dog Tucker. I used to think that I was NOT a dog person, but then I got a dog…….What?

Now I know that I am a dog person, but only where my dog is concerned, just look at that face, how could I not love him?! 🙂 I do like animals but I don’t necessarily love other people’s dogs….really just my own. Can anyone else relate to this? I mean no disrespect to other people pets, I am sure they are great, I just don’t necessarily want to pet them or have them slobber on me. LOL!

My dog follows me everywhere. All day long he pads around the house after me. At night he follows me as I check on the kids sleeping in their beds, and if I forget this part of our bedtime ritual he patiently waits outside their bedroom doors until I notice him so we can make sure my girls are safe and sound and asleep in their beds. He stands on the couch and looks out the window and barks at strangers (and people we know) if they even look they are going to enter our yard or knock on our door. He is very scary at a whopping 6.5 pounds! He does him best to protect our home.

So why did I get a dog if I didn’t even really like dogs?? Hmmm, that is truly the question of the day. My husband and I have been trying for child #3 for over 2 years now. It has been a long road. Still no baby #3…yet, hopefully someday. We didn’t struggle with any fertility issues with our first 2, so this has been an unexpected challenge in our lives. I really want another baby, so last year at this time with Mother’s Day right around the corner, I told my husband in my emotional desperation to just “buy me a baby!” really any baby would do; a baby off the street, a fur baby, a fake baby, whatever! I just needed a baby to snuggle with and take care of, a baby who needed me.

My sweet husband did as I asked and brought home my sweet Tucker who is the perfect dog for our family. I cannot imagine a sweeter dog. He snuggles with me and gives me doggy hugs, and he even sleeps with me at night (gasp!) I know right. We have a king bed because I am a horrible space sharer in our bed, ok I am a bed hog! But with Tuck I will gladly share my pillow. I am not a dog person and I am in love with my dog. I don’t know what I would do without him. He comforts me and keeps my company and has helped to fill a void in my life with his puppy love. He is playful and brings so much fun into our home.

As mother’s day approaches again this year I am just thankful for this sweet dog that loves me so much. He is truly a blessing in this house and I am so glad that even though I am really not a dog person, that I am a dog momma to one perfect puppy.My Dog Follows Me Everywhere

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