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I have had a really hard time lately with holding on to pieces of clothing that JUST NEED to GO! I need to get rid of them, they don’t fit, I don’t wear them, they are out of style, etc. BUT…..I can’t do it! Why am I so attached to my clothing? Anyone else have this problem? I am trying to tell myself it is ok to get rid of things. That having clothes in my closet every day that do not fit does not make me feel good about myself. It is hard to throw out clothes, even ones I am not wearing anymore. I continue to say in my head, “maybe I will wear it again” “I might fit into that again someday” “maybe this will come back in style”! Agh!! I just need some HELP!. So here is a helpful tip to organize your closet.

 I used to watch Oprah and I remember one day on her show she gave a tip I have never forgotten. In fact I have used it several times to figure out what clothes to take to Goodwill and what to keep. It is super practical, and makes so much sense!

 All you have to do is go to your closet right now and turn ALL your hangers backwards. This is backwards, unless you already hang your hangers this way, then backwards would be the opposite way for you!!


When you return a shirt to your closet after wearing it, you hang it back the RIGHT way not the WRONG way. Set a time limit, Oprah suggested 6 months, and every piece of clothing that is still hanging on a backwards hanger when the set time period is up is what you GET RID OF!! Seriously folks, if you have not worn it for 6 months it probably needs to go!


Obviously you might need to do this once a season for the next year, that way you can clean out all your clothes, winter, spring, fall and summer!

It feels good people. The last time I did this was 2 years ago and my closet is sorely in need of another go round. It is freeing to be able to finally bring myself to part with clothes that previously I just could not get rid of. I find that sometimes I develop an emotional attachment to my clothes. Wait….did I just say that? I know, sounds crazy, but it is true. I think of the place I wore a certain shirt, or where I was and who I was with when I bought it. Silly, but it makes it hard to get rid of clothing. This system really worked for me in the past and it is about to work for me again! Hope it works for you too!

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