Turtle Shortbread Cookies

Hey there 32 Turners!  My name is Liz and I’m the blogger behind Lizzie Jane Baby.  A few months ago I met Britany when we both attended the Blended Blogging Conference.  We were at the same table during lunch and we hit it off!  Britany is super sweet and fun.  She reminded me of someone I grew up with, so immediately we clicked.  I just wish we lived closer. 🙁  But when she suggested a blog swap, I thought it was a perfect idea!  So thanks Britany for letting me take over your blog today.  If you want to find Britany today, you can find her sharing her creativity over on Lizzie Jane Baby.

At Lizzie Jane Baby I share crafts, recipes, kid crafts, printables and more.  Today I wanted to share with you a super yummy cookie recipe.  These Turtle Shortbread Cookies are really easy to make and something your kids could help you make too.
There are a couple reasons these cookies are so easy to make.  The first is because my shortbread cookie recipe is super easy (at end of post), and the second is because you use rolo candy.  Now you don’t have to use the minis, in fact, next time I probably won’t.  It just happened to be what I could find at the time.
Once you make your shortbread and place your cookies on your baking sheet, you gently push a rolo into the center of each cookie and then you bake them.
Once they are out of the oven and still hot, you press a whole pecan down on top of the rolo candy.  Then you let your cookies cool.
Chocolate, caramel and pecans are one of my most favorite combinations!  Even more when they are in cookie form!
I love to deliver treats to my neighbors and friends, so I packaged up a couple of cookies and attached a cute tag, perfect for the season.  You can find the tags HERE.
If you’d love to make these yummy treats too, just click on the link below for the recipe.

Thanks again Britany for having me today and I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!
If you’d like to keep up with me and the happenings of Lizzie Jane Baby, you can find me:
Happy Baking!


Here are some other ideas to get you in the Holiday mood.
Those cookies look amazing! It is true that the two of us really hit it off at our blogging conference. Just look at this post Liz created! I think we were meant to be friends. These cookies have all my faves; shortbread, chocolate, caramel and nuts!!! I couldn’t have chosen better myself!! Thanks Liz for sharing these AWESOME cookies with me and my readers today, I can’t WAIT to bake some up! 

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