Women’s Weekend

I do love a good getaway, but a girls only vacation…..now that is the stuff that dreams are made of! Am I right? Seriously, I am totally right! Every year the women in my family (on my mom’s side) get together for 4 days of sun, pool, food, shopping, gabbing, oh…and more shopping! This little trip has been a tradition for well over 3o years now and last week was this years trip. I remember distinctly when my Grandma sat my husband down when he was my fiance and made him promise to support me in attending this yearly excursion throughout the years of my marriage, even after we had kids. He has so wonderfully kept his promise and I have been able to attend almost every year. It is a super fun filled 4 days and I always leave completely exhausted and broke, and already looking forward to next year!

Now, we do have a few rules just to keep the trip on the right track: 1) No babies. Unless your baby is in your belly, you can’t come. 2) No men, that means no boyfriends, brothers, husbands or fiance’s  3)You have to be 18 to attend, this allows us to speak freely and tell stories without the running the risk of offending younger ears (hee hee) I am probably the reason this rule was put into place, the later into the night it gets, well….let’s just say I lose my filter!

Women's Weekend

This trip used to be held with my grandma and her sister (this is them above) and their daughters and daughter in laws. But when the daughters and daughters in laws, started having daughters and daughter in laws of their own, it was time to split the group. Just too big. So my grandma and her sister took their own families and we each hold separate trips. The location is always St. George, UT. Why you ask? The weather is nice and that is just where we go, it is where we have always gone. This year it just so happened that we planned our trip the same weekend that my grandma’s sisters family planned theirs. It was super great to be there at the same time as these lovely women and we even met up for lunch at a park to hug, and talk and catch up.

Women's Weekend

Women's Weekend

I HIGHLY recommend a trip like this one. Making it a yearly event is something I even recommend more. It is a fantastic time set aside and reserved just for girly goodness. It really doesn’t get any better than that! Especially when my sweet Aunt Tracy makes these gorgeous caramel apples and brings them to share. They were so beautiful I had to break out my camera and practice my budding photography skills.

Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples

I only had one…ok that is a lie, I had THREE, one of each kind!! And each one was better than the last. They taste just like one you would buy from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co. Amazing! My favorite is the white one, it is an apple pie flavor. Apple, then caramel, then white chocolate rolled in cinnamon and sugar. I know I have already told you how much I love treats rolled in cinnamon and sugar!!

The end of this post is a SHOUT OUT to my husband who took the day off work to be a mom and a dad and run my children everywhere they needed to be. He even took the girls CAMPING while I was gone. He is seriously a stud and I love him! Thanks Babe!

Now go plan a girls trip of your own, make some memories, stay up WAY too late, eat good food and feed your soul. It is the best.

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  • Good pictures!! I really do love this trip especially because I get to hang out with my best friends (besides my husband of course!). I love shopping, eating, and relaxing at the pool with a good book. My favorite is that we get to act like we are 15 again(crazy and immature!) and run around Target laughing and trying to embarrass our mother!

  • I have look forward to this Women’s Trip every year for 30 years. What wonderful memories I have acquired through the years. Thanks Grandma Bowles for starting this tradition so many years ago when I was a young girl in college! It has truly helped to keep us closer as a family. Like they say, “A family that plays together stays together”.

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