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I have been shopping at DownEast Basics for a very long time. I remember shopping with my sister on vacation in Provo, Utah 8 years ago and picking up a long tank top at a kiosk in the Provo mall. A long tank top! They are easier to find now, but 8 years ago finding a modest long tank top was a lot more difficult! I was super excited to find one and was instantly a fan. When they started opening up stores I was super stoked! For years, whenever I would go to Utah and visit my sister we would always have an afternoon set aside for a trip to DownEast. I could always find modest skirts, shirts and super cute accessories. It is sometimes very hard to find knee length skirts that are cute. But DownEast has always delivered for me.


For so long they have provided me with a great shopping experience. Their stores are clean and cute (just look at the above store sign), and their staff members are always super friendly and helpful. Their clothes are made to fit me, I am not a teenager anymore, but I don’t think I am old either! Perhaps I am in denial…hee hee! but I want to wear clothes that are stylish, that are cut well and that flatter me, my curves and all!

As a blogger I have had the opportunity to attend several DownEast hosted blog mixers in past years. They are always fun events filled with great clothes and other fun blogging friends.

I thought I would give you a little recap through the years to some of the past mixers.

Here is August 2011.


This is my sweet friend and neighbor Jenna on the left and my friend and former sweet neighbor Jamie from I Heart Naptime. I have been thinking about my hair and wanting to cut it, I think looking at these pictures of my short hair have convinced me. I miss my short hair!

Here are the cute jeans I came away with that night.


Now rolling back to July 2012.


Again with my friend Jenna, and my hair a little longer. Again I am picking out jeans….yes, I have a problem, I like jeans and I own WAY too many pairs of them. Any relate to this? If so we should probably start a support group or something. In my defense, DownEast does have really great jeans.


My Mom and cutie little sis Chelsie who I was able bring with me to this mixer. It was a family shopping affair and a fun one at that!

Also my sweet friend T.J. from Sweet Sugar Blossoms was there that night.

0724121933 (1)

Now we come to this years event. This is the adorable Elephant top I came away with from this years blog mixer. I love the print and it is flowy and comfy and hidey (no that is not a word, but it means to hide spots of fat I don’t want people to see) and it has fun sleeves! I included a picture of the model because I love the shirt, but let’s face it, it looks cuter on her than on me!


I was able to take my dear friend Amy with me and we had a great time shopping and then going out for dinner. The night was some much needed girl time. Thanks DownEast Basics for such a great night, and for providing my wardrobe with so many great pieces throughout the years!

*Disclosure: I attended an in store event at a local DownEast Basics and received a complimentary gift card. All opinions are my own.

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  • I love jeans too! Jeans can make or break your outfit. Seriously! Stylish top with mom jeans, not cute. Simple t-shirt but with awesome jeans, hot. Jeans all fit just a little differently and they are for slightly different occasions. Comfy, dressy, heels, flats, camping, fat days, skinny days, etc. Can’t have too many!

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