Kid Friendly Peanut Butter Snacks – Day 7


Round ’em up! Here is a round up of kid friendly peanut butter snacks for day 7 of 10 days of Peanut Butter. My little kidlets love peanut butter like their momma does. Here are some great foods for when your kids are hungry after school, or for snack time. You will be getting the mom of the day award for sure if you make these cute little yummy snacks!

My girls are always hungry, weekends are the hardest where I feel like all I hear is “Mom! I am an hungry!” well also I hear “Mom! I am bored” a lot too, but that isn’t what this post is about! I am hoping these snacks filled with protein packed pb will help their tummies to stay full longer so I hear less complaining about empty tummies!


PB treats

Kid friendly Peanut Butter Treats from I Love my Disorganized Life


Rolled Banana Snacks from Mommy I’m Hungry!


 BaNilla Bites from Family Fresh Meals


PB& J and Banana Roll Ups from My Recipes

Banana Cupcakes Title

Banana Peanut Butter Cupcakes from Tutu’s and Tea Parties

Hope you enjoy kid friendly peanut butter snacks for the kiddos. I am excited to try them out for my peanut butter lovin’ girls! Or maybe……just for ME!

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