Removing Bubblegum with Peanut Butter – Day 9


Gum, I do love to chew it, A LOT! But….unfortunately so do my girls. Usually they are really good with gum. They chew it, they spit it in the trash when they are done, well sometimes they might swallow it but of course they don’t tell me when they do that. 🙂 They do however tell me when they get that chewed up sticky gum someplace other than their mouth or the trash, Ugh!. We have had gum in their hair, they even got gum in my hair one time! We have had gum on the carpet in the house and on the floor mats in the car. It has been on our chairs and on our counter tops.

Man….when I read the last few sentences back to myself it sounds like we are a crazy gum stuck everywhere household! That isn’t true, I don’t think! But I do have a trick that will help with sticky gum situations, yay!

32-PB-ButtonToday’s post is not about food! Surprise, all the other 9 posts are about food, but not this one. This is post Nine of our PB series and it is a cleaning tip!

There was gum on our cute bathroom step stool. What, who put that gum there! Well…. my youngest did. Love her cute face, even if she does sometimes accidentally make a gummy mess!

To remove fum from hard surfaces just take some peanut butter and liberally spread it over the unwanted gum.


Take some kind of scraper, (I used a pampered chef scraper, although you could use an old credit card too) and use the peanut butter to magically scrape away that yucky gum.


Nice and clean and no gum residue left at all! Now that is a good use for peanut butter and I didn’t even have to consume any calories to enjoy this little treat!


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