Cue the music "sisters, sisters, there was never such amazing sisters." can you hear the song from the movie White Christmas? I adore that movie, I love that song, and I adore and love my sister.

My little sister Tiffany (who is younger but taller than I =) came to visit me last week. She called out of the blue last Friday and told me she was flying in Monday from Utah, SURPRISE, and she stayed for 4 days. Her whole purpose in coming was just to take care of me. What? That is exactly what I said.

Why would you come all this way to take care of me? I am fine. What are you going to do with your three kids? What about your husband? Aren't you moving the same day you are flying back home? Yes, she moved out of her home and into a new home the very same day that she took an early morning flight from my house to her own. I had lots of questions as to why she was coming, I felt guilty that she was leaving her family to come be with me. I didn't need her to come, I was fine.

But the truth was…. I wan't all fine. I have been overwhelmed, overburdened and stressed out. I have been tired and grouchy and definitely not myself for a long time. My sister having noticed these things and knowing me well knew that I needed her. I needed someone to come and take care of me, if even for just a few days. Life is so hectic and crazy and full of appointments, activities, chores, responsibilities at church, home and school and work. Why as women do we often tell ourselves and others that we are "just fine" when in fact we are  not fine?!?! Why is it so hard to just ask for help, to sometimes say no to the demands life brings and admit that we cannot do it all?

The 4 days that Tiff was here were amazing. She took care of my girls as if they were her own, and allowed me to take care of me. She did the cleaning, shopping and cooking and my girls had more fun with her than they have had with their grumpy mom all summer long.



They did messy crafts together, made aprons, baked cookies, went swimming and had outside adventures. She bought them pizza and treats and watched movies, did puzzles and played games.



I was able to take time to think about me and my life. Where in the midst of all that is crazy in my life did I lose myself? Where did the fun and energetic me go? How do I find her among the insatiable demands of my life and our family's schedules. I know that I often take on too much, my crazy demanding life is often my own fault. My husband calls me the yes girl because I have a hard time saying no. I love to be involved, I love to serve others, I love to build and maintain relationships and friendships. All of those things just take so much time and there is only so much time in each day. I so often wish the day came with more than 24 hours.

I cannot thank my sister Tiffany enough for coming. I cannot thank her husband enough for helping make the trip possible; or thank my youngest sister Chelsie enough for taking care of Tiff's kids along with her own baby girl. So much went in to making Tiff's visit possible and all I know is that I needed it. I did not know that I needed it, but I did. I wasn't ready to admit I was sinking, but I was. I am glad that she could see what I was unwilling to admit to myself, that I needed some support, that I couldn't do it all and I needed to ask for help.

I don't have it all figured out. I am going to have to work to have a healthy balance in my life in all things. But this last 4 days has me on my way. I feel much renewed. I have spent time sitting still instead of running around. I remember that I have people in my life who love me even when I forget to let them. I want to see the beauty in the little moments, I am going to keep trying and when things get overwhelming I am going to remember to let people in instead of pushing them away. Today I am thankful for my sister.

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