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I am slowly, ever so slowly hopping on the necklace crazy train. I am what I would call an earring girl. I seriously am in love with earrings. I like having short hair so I can see them dangling below my hairline…..do you think that is weird? I love necklaces on other people and when I see them I always want to wear them but when I put on a necklace oftentimes I just don’t think it looks good. My sister Tiffany says I need to focus on the whole outfit not just the necklace when I look in the mirror.

Good advice! So I have been trying to do that and as a result my necklace stash has grown and I am wearing more of them and actually feeling comfortable doing it! Yay! But….they were all clumped together on a couple nails I haphazardly hammered into the backside of my bathroom cupboard. Not cute, they got tangled all the time and I couldn’t see them to remember what I had. NOT a good storage solution. Time for a better solution.

I made this easy diy necklace organizer for cheap-o. It was easy, I think it looks pretty darn spiffy and now I can see my necklaces and they hang tangle free, {insert pleasant sigh here} ahhh.

Here is what you need to make one of your own:

piece of trim
wall hangers
spray paint (optional)

You can measure and cut the trim to your desired size or have the hardware store cut it for you.


 I cut my own, see me rocking the dirty hair, no makeup don’t forget your safety glasses look! Awesome!


Don’t you love my power tool look?!? Power tools are FUN! I wish I had more of them 🙂 Someday!

Once you have it cut to the length you want (I cut mine to 24 in) sand the rough edges off then measure where you want the hooks to be and how far apart you want them. Mark where you will drill the holes with a pencil.


 I spaced my hooks only 1 inch apart. Nice and cozy, but it would work great a little further apart too.

Drill holes and then screw in your hooks. I ended up using pliers to twist them in so they would be straight. Pliers are stronger than my fingers. 🙂


I wanted my piece of trim and hooks to be white. If you don’t want your hooks painted, then make sure you spray paint your wood BEFORE you put your hooks in.


After it is dry, screw the wall hangers into the back and hang the darn thing up, get busy stringing up your necklaces on the hooks and sit back and enjoy this cheap and easy project! Good job! Gotta love a useful spifferific project for under $10 bucks!!! For reals!!


What do you think? Wanna go make one?

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7 Responses to Easy DIY Necklace Organizer

  • I really like your idea. I am not good with tools at all, how do you know how large to drill the holes so that the cup hooks with fit? And the hardware to hang it on the wall, how did you attach that to your trim without cracking the wood? Did you use molly bolts or find studs before attaching the trim to the wall?

  • Hi Britany! So…as much as I LOVE your idea and at the risk of sounding like a kill joy, I’m wondering if you didn’t think about it or if you did it on purpose, but why only enough hooks to hold the necklaces you currently owned at the time of doing the project? Why not have added oh, say five or ten EXTRA HOOKS for the necklaces that you would buy IN THE FUTURE!?! As it is, when you made the project, you ended up right where you started, so to speak, before you made your organizer… I mean, it may be that you only wanted it to hold exactly what you owned. There are people who, for what ever reason would not want blank hooks sitting there. I merely being curious! You did a GREAT job. Your project looks AWESOME. And I LOVE the fact that you are encouraging women to learn how to PROPERLY USE power tools!!!

  • Oh yes this is a must do on my craft list!

  • Looks really pretty!! Makes you just want to wear one. Good idea to spray paint the hooks!!

  • Love this necklace organizer!! Look at you all hardcore crafter with the power tools. I get pretty crazy with a hot glue gun. 😉 I’ll be pinning this!

    • Don’t let the pics fool you Courtney! Totally a power tool novice here but I am with you on being able to ROCK a glue gun!!! My husband is teaching me how to use power tools little by little and I do have to say that it is FUN! Thanks for liking my necklace organizer 🙂

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