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Teacher Appreciation Gift

 I know that teacher appreciation week is over, but the end of the school year is fast approaching and I always like giving my girls’ teachers something really special to thank them for teaching my child all year long. This year we have been particularly lucky because not only did my girls get great teachers, but their teachers have loved them and taught them so much and taken special efforts to really make a difference in my kids lives. I love, love, love them for it and wanted to do something great to tell them how much their efforts have meant to me. The way to win this momma’s heart is to love her kids. These teachers this year have definitely won my heart! I want to thank them for wrapping my kids up with love and lots of learning.

This project is quick and easy… and with the free printable you can do it on the cheap. I came up with two different possibilities, one that cost me next to nothing, and one that I chose to be a little bit spendier on as I added a gift card. But how much you spend or don’t spend is totally up to you! Your imagination is the limit on this one!

Since the free printable reads “circle my child” I went with a circle theme and everything I added to this cute little double bucket goes along with circles.

Teacher Appreciation Gift

I added the following items:   gift card to circleK (because I know this teacher LOVES her soda from there) plus…circleK, get it?! 🙂 round restickable dots for her classroom, round chapstick, round magnets (teachers always need those), a round ball of rubberbands, round lifesavers and round caramel filled Lindt truffles because no gift is complete without a treat! Yum!

Teacher Appreciation Gift

OR…you could do something as simple as grab a jar, fill it with a treat, I used lifesavers. Wrap some washi tape or ribbon around it and glue the printable to the top of the lid. The possibilities are endless, get creative!!

Click here to get printable

Teacher Appreciation

I hope that you enjoy this printable and that you can use it to show some super end of the year appreciation to that special teacher in your child’s life. Teachers work so hard, they deserve all the thanks they can get!

Now go and get creating!



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