Baker’s Twine Solution

Baker's Twine Solution

Baker’s Twine, it is so popular and rightly so! You can use it for all kinds of projects and it adds such a cute touch! I really love my “smallish” collection of twine but it is always shoved away in a box or bin where I have to dig it out in order to use it. I use my twine so much that I wanted it easily accessible in my new craft room, and it is so pretty that I wanted to display it! I needed a baker’s twine solution!

Baker's Twine Solution

In my “still-in-the-works” craft room I just had an accent wall painted with a Chevron Pattern! Oh my, it makes my heart beat fast whenever I see it I love it so much. I spray painted some thrifted frames teal and hung them up on the wall. I think this just adds to the visual impact this wall has on the room!

I love open frames (who doesn’t) and wanted to use them for more than just looks. Things can look great and be functional too right?!? Look how great my twine looks on display!! Plus it is so easy to get to, I can cut off a piece whenever I want!!

Baker's Twine Solution

This project was super duper easy and cheap-o! You will need the following supplies: Frame, Wooden Dowels, Cup Hooks, Drill, Hand Saw

I measured where I wanted the hooks to be, then pre-drilled the holes.

Baker's Twine Solution

 Measure the width of the frame. Measure and cut your dowels. I used 3/8″dowels. I wanted them nice and strong to support my larger spools of twine.

Baker's Twine Solution

Screw the cup hook into the pre-drilled holes. I used 1″cup hooks, but you could use smaller or bigger ones depending on the size of dowel you decide to use.

Baker's Twine Solution

I chose not to spray paint my hooks and dowels. Totally optional, totally up to you. If you want to spray paint yours it makes it easier to stand up the hooks and dowels in a foam block while spraying.

Place your Baker’s Twine onto the dowel and set in the cup hooks. Done!!! Couldn’t get any easier than that folks!

Baker's Twine Solution

The cup hooks were $4 and the dowels were $2ish, I already had the spray paint and the frames so this project cost me all of $6 dollars!! Oh Yeah, my kinda price!

How do you organize your twine?

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