Things That Make Me Happy

The sun is out today, totally normal for AZ. But it is not HOT blistering sunshine, just nice and warm and there is such a lovely breeze. I got my girls all signed up for swim season (I love watching them swim, as a family we love the water) we went to the library (another HUGE love of mine) and I have time to sit and blog while my children are so nicely playing with each other.

Today is a good day, a great day, a day worth recording and sharing. Not because anything amazing and out of the ordinary happened, but because it was just, ordinary. An ordinary day of being a mom, running errands, tidying the house and taking care of my family.

I feel peaceful today. I feel centered today. I feel grateful for the life that is mine imperfections and all. As I sat here typing and wondering where to go with this post of happy day feelings. I thought about this blog, and how glad I already am that I started it. Because of this blog my house is already starting to become more me little by little. I don’t know about you, but there have always been so many things I dislike about the spaces in my home. Furniture, decor, paint, etc. But changing them costs money, and even when the changes are cheap they take energy to make happen. So….in the past I have normally just ignored the things I dislike in my home and eventually I started to not see them.

Since I have started blogging it has renewed my energy to make my space more me. I remember once reading somewhere that if we just “fill our space with ONLY things we love then we will love our space”. Totally makes sense right? So I am on a journey, encouraged by you reading this blog, to update and love all the things in my home. Slowly of course! Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am on a budget people. But I so badly want to just walk into my house and have it just feel like me, have it just feel like home. Surround myself only with the things I love, that is my new goal. No more buying, or keeping things that I don’t really like just for the sake of having something to fill up that shelf on the entertainment center! The shelf can stay empty until I find something (that fits in the budget of course:) that speaks to me!

So, in the spirit of loving my home I wanted to share a few things
today on my walk around my house that I truly love and that make my happy. Things that make my happy. I want my whole home to be full of them!

First off of course is my family. Just look at those two girls. So wonderful 80% of the time and not very wonderful 20% of the time. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Except for today we are living in the 80%, aks me later when we are in the 20%!! My answer may have changed {wink}.

Things that make me happy

 It makes my insides happy when I walk into my house and it smells good. And I don’t just mean there is a light lingering fragrance, I want the smell to punch me in the face it is so strong. Do you know what I mean? Scentsy is so great for that and I adore my warmer, it really smells my house right up.

Things That Make Me Happy

 Fresh flowers, sigh. I delight in having fresh flowers on my table. Very early in our marriage I informed my husband that he shouldn’t buy me fresh flowers because it was a waste of money, they just die. He should buy me something I could keep. WHAT was I thinking?!?! Fresh flowers make me feel special and I love them. Plus I love my blue ball jar. Pure happiness.

Things That Make Me Happy

 I play the piano. I started playing when I was 7 years old. I teach piano. I have taught since I was 14. The piano is an integral part of our home. From teaching my students, to my daughter practicing her lessons, to singing songs for family night, or christmas carols. I love the piano. I love the evenings when my kids are in bed and the hubs is busy and I just sit and play and pour out my soul onto the keys.

Things That Make Me Happy

 This is not the best picure, but regardless, my craft room makes me extremely happy. Up until a few weeks ago this room was my girls’ play room. I have taken it over, painted it and moved my stuff in! I am still getting organized, decorated and set up. And since I am only placing items in this room that I LOVE it will probably be a little while before it is complete. But being able to blog and craft in my own space fills me with joy and energy. I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can show it to you!

Things That Make Me Happy

 Okay, confession time….this next one really isn’t something that you see when you are in my house (unless you are looking at my waistline lately!! 🙂 ) but I have a little problem with ice cream. I like to eat it, A LOT! These are definitely 3 of my faves. Nothing like sitting down in the evening on the couch with a favorite show or book and having a little treat. A “you got through the day” reward if you will. Yum!

Things That Make Me Happy

 There are so many more things I could show you today that stand out to me as I walk around my home, things that make me happy and remind me of people I love and memories we have made. Filling my home with things that make me happy is extremely fulfilling. I love to love my space!

What make you love your space?

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