Washi Tape Clothespins


I am still decorating my newly claimed craft room that used to be my girls’ playroom, and I am having a BLAST!! I CANNOT wait for it to be done so I can show it to you! But, even though it is not completed I can still share pieces of it as it comes together!


I picked up a “new to me” desk from Craigslist (at a fabulous price!) last weekend and I am in luv !

It is white and pretty and fits really well in my happy craft space. I wanted to make my desk into an area that helps inspire my creativity while I sit at it to make fun things.

I love to keep clips of the people I love most and clips of ideas that I have collected that inspire me.



Using a staple gun I attached chicken wire to the back of the desk creating a perfect place to clip this collection of my favorite things so I can look at them every time I sit down to work. I needed some FUN clothespins to do the clipping job for me: enter the Washi Tape!

It is super easy to create these colorful and super useful washi tape clothespins. All you need are the clothespins, your favorite rolls of washi tape and a pair of scissors.

First roll out your washi tape and lay down your clothespin.


Then using scissors trim off any excess tape.


 That’s it! 3 steps, simplest DIY project ever.



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