About the author of 32 Turns.About Britany

Hi! I am Britany and I write and ramble here at 32 Turns.

A little about me: I am a wife to my hubs, and a momma to two girlies.

I have a dog, a Yorkie named Tucker, who might as well be listed as my 3rd child and I could “eat him up

I love him so”.


I love to want to exercise (does that make sense? hee, hee.)

I am a voracious reader of just about anything, unless it’s boring.

I love my kids, especially when they are asleep;) wink.

I love to clean, but hate scrubbing toilets.

I adore organizing all things except for my master closet.

I believe in God and in Jesus Christ; my beliefs are the center of my life.

I like easy crafts, easy recipes, and tips to make my life easier…..hmmmm, I think I see a theme here!

I like to do things the easiest way possible!!! Don’t you? Of course you do!!!!

I am in no way an expert on any of the above mentioned topics, but I love to share the things I create and

the things I find (I am also a raging pinterest-aholic, find me HERE).

So glad you are joining me here on my site, my home away from home if you will:)

Enjoy, make yourself comfy and stay awhile. I do love to have company!

Please email me anytime at britany@32turns.com

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