Craft Room it UP!


Oh man! Today’s post is like crack for my soul! Yes..I said crack. No..I don’t actually do crack, crack is not a joke. But sometimes there comes along something in my life that makes me feel so happy, that I feel like I am on a high I just don’t wanna come down from. Hence, the crack reference. But just like crack is no laughing matter, neither my friends, is my newly decorated and organized craft room! Every time I enter this room I feel energized and excited. It makes me want to create and never leave. It’s my safe haven in the place I call home. Other rooms in my house are not wholly mine, they get taken over on a daily basis by the little gremlins I call my beloved children. Gremlins that destroy and make messes, whine, cry and generally run amok. My craft room however is above all of that. No whiny gremlin children are allowed. I have placed a strict NO whining and NO crying and NO complaining ban at the doors of said craft room. So far, success! My children are sent packing out of this room as soon as I even get a hint of negativity. This room is my special place. I haven’t had my own room since I was a teenager. I went off to college and had roommates, then got married and gained an eternal roommate who I love to pieces, but let’s face it he Continue reading

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