Women’s Weekend

I do love a good getaway, but a girls only vacation…..now that is the stuff that dreams are made of! Am I right? Seriously, I am totally right! Every year the women in my family (on my mom’s side) get together for 4 days of sun, pool, food, shopping, gabbing, oh…and more shopping! This little trip has been a tradition for well over 3o years now and last week was this years trip. I remember distinctly when my Grandma sat my husband down when he was my fiance and made him promise to support me in attending this yearly excursion throughout the years of my marriage, even after we had kids. He has so wonderfully kept his promise and I have been able to attend almost every year. It is a super fun filled 4 days and I always leave completely exhausted and broke, and already looking forward to next year!

Now, we do have a few rules just to keep the trip on the right track: 1) No babies. Unless your baby is in your belly, you can’t come. 2) No men, that means no boyfriends, brothers, husbands or fiance’s  3)You have to be 18 to attend, this allows us to speak freely and tell stories without the running the risk of offending younger ears (hee hee) I am probably the reason this rule was put into place, the later into the night it gets, well….let’s just say I lose my filter!

Women's Weekend

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