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Easy DIY Kids Ornament

DIY Kids Ornament

Thanks to my awesome shipment of fun craft supplies from Oriental Trading, I have been able to make so many fun Christmas themed projects. Of course my 2 girls were begging to get it in on the crafting fun. It was hard to stop what I was doing one afternoon (there is SO much to get done in December) and take some time out and just focus on my kids. But, I am SO GLAD that I did. We had a great time together inventing and creating this little ornament. Such a simple thing, but a Continue reading

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Lunchbox Notes

Chalkboard Lunch Box Notes

I like to leave my daughter little love notes in her school lunch box for her to find when it’s lunchtime. The school day is so very long, and I want her to have a little verbal hug from me halfway through the day to remind her that she is awesome and I love her. She likes getting these little notes from her momma! I thought it would be cute and fun to paint the lid of her lunchbox with chalkboard paint so we could write notes back and forth to each other. She will get my  lunchbox notes at lunchtime and can write me a little message back and I will get it when I clean her lunchbox out after school!

We did it all last week and it was super fun and has been so positive. This has already been such a great way for me Continue reading

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4th of July Tye Dyed shirts

4th of July Tye Dyed Shirts

I always, every year just buy those 5 dollar shirts from Old Navy with the flag on them. But….this year I decided to make my girls some patriotic shirts. How hard could it be right? Well…after scouring pinterest for ideas I settled on trying some tye dying. The tutorial I found was great, pictures were awesome. But…my end result, well it was good but wasn’t near as cute as the original. My girls will still wear them because they are definitely not horrible, and because I worked so hard on them.

I thought, tye dying, easy and cheap, it can’t take a lot of time. I was partially correct. It was pretty cheap, I got the shirts at Wal Mart for 3.00, and the tulip shirt dye at JoAnns with a coupon so it was 6.00. It wasn’t hard at all, just mix the dye up and squirt it the shirts. But time consuming it was, and super messy. Or maybe I am just messy…hmmmm, not sure. All I know is it DID make a mess and rinsing the dye out of the shirts took FOREVER!

So, not a total pinterest FAIL, maybe we could call it a partial fail and maybe the reason for the partial fail is all me, it was my very first time experimenting with tye die!! Plus I tried to dye some polka dotted white fabric scraps to make hair accessories out of. Didn’t really work!

So, here is how it went. Continue reading

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