Southwest Salad

Southwest Summer Salad

I love summertime and it’s sunshine! I love that I get so much time to spend with family and friends. I love that summer brings opportunities for lots of bbq’s and pool parties and tons of good food!

I also really LOVE a good salad! When I say “good” salad, I mean one LOADED with all kinds of yummy ingredients. I like it super filling and topped with a delicious dressing. This Southwest  Salad fills all of these requirements, plus it makes a lot so I can eat it for a few meals, or serve it up to a large group. It is also great because I don’t have to turn on the oven to prepare dinner! This is major, I try to cook things in the summertime that do not require the oven, no way do I need that extra heat in my house! I know you feel me on this!

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