Breakfast Skillet

Breakfast Skillet

LOVE this recipe! I love pretty much anything that I can cook in ONE pan (less dishes ya know!) Plus I am of the opinion that breakfast foods might be the best dinner foods EVER!!! So a one panned breakfast skillet to eat for dinner, GET in my belly!! It is definitely not what I would call “healthy” ….but is it yummy? YES,  I think you will like it a lot! What is there not to like? Hashbrowns, yum! Eggs, delicious! Bacon, oh yeah! Cheese, definitely! I included the easy peasy recipe at the bottom of this post for your own eating enjoyment! If you make it I would love to know what you thought.

My family likes to eat this up with ketchup, we eat A LOT of things with ketchup. We are just ketchup dipping kind of people. So serve up some yummy, nummy breakfast skillet for dinner. Or go out on a crazy limb and you can even make it for breakfast…..gasp!!

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