{Not Your Mom’s} 7 Layer Dip


7 layer dip

What it is about dip…..specifically 7 Layer Dip in this case? I love chips and dip, love, love, love them. THIS 7 layer dip is by far my favorite though. Just look at it, all those layers mixed together to create yummy goodness. Perhaps one of the reasons I adore this dip is because you can customize each bite. You just dip your chip in and you can choose what to scoop up! Imagine the possibilities! One bite could be beans and cheese, the next sour cream and tomatoes, then guacamole and black olives…each bite different and delicious. Yum, love the variety in each mouthful!

Why is THIS particular 7 layer dip my favorite you ask? Well… (drumroll please) it has some oh so special ingredients that you don’t find in other 7 layer dips.

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