Brown Sugar Strawberries

Brown Sugar Strawberries

Um, so I really really LOVE strawberries. But don’t you hate it when they are getting a little ripe and your kids won’t touch them anymore! What a waste huh? When this happens at my house I just cut up those little strawberries that my kids won’t eat (they say they are too squishy) and sprinkle some brown sugar on the top and magically all those previously “too squishy” strawberries disappear into mouths!

My kids and my husband absolutely love these strawberries! When the brown sugar dissolves and thickly coats each sliced berry it really is wonderfully delicious.

I love to eat strawberries with white sugar on them as well, but brown sugar, it is amazing. Try it, you will see what I mean!

Brown Sugar Strawberries

Just slice up your strawberries. Generously sprinkle brown sugar over them, and stir until you can no longer see the grains of sugar. At this point GOOD LUCK getting any for yourself. In fact you might want to eat your fill before you let your family members know what you are up to. Otherwise…you might never get any. I couldn’t even get through making these up and taking a few quick pictures before hands were trying to reach into the bowl in between my shots! Rude!! 🙂

Brown Sugar Strawberries

But, I do enjoy making food that my family really enjoys. Don’t you? And I love being able to use up produce from my fridge without having to throw it out. It’s a win win people, can’t go wrong with that!


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