Easy to make Thumbtack Craft Balls

Thumbtack Craft Balls

I really do love to collect all sorts of glass jars, glass hurricanes and glass apothecary jars. I always have these visions of placing them all over my home and filling them with beautiful objects. Then….they sit empty…usually because I either cannot think what to put in them, or the things I can think of to fill them with are just too darn expensive! Anybody else have this same problem?

I made these really easy and seriously CHEAPY, CHEAP, CHEAP, Thumbtack Craft Balls to put in a hurricane that has been sitting on my entertainment center empty for some time now.

Thumbtack Craft Balls

I LOVE how they turned out, I LOVE how inexpensive they were, and I LOVE the pops of color they help bring in to the room; not to mention the fun texture. I am trying to be less boring in my home decorating and use more exciting colors and different textures to liven it up!

Thumbtack Craft Balls

I am adding turquoise and yellow to my existing red, sage green and white. Red, green, and white, that sounds like Christmas!! No wonder I need some color updating! Although my living room has always matched so nicely with all my Christmas decor when that time of year comes round {hee, hee}! I would love to take out the green, but my couches are green and let’s face it. Replacing couches is way more expensive than spray painting a few decorative accessories:) So….the green stays, for now. Until I can persuade my husband we need new couches! A girl can dream, right?

Thumbtack Craft Balls

All you need to make this project are styrofoam balls (I used a small and a large size) thumbtacks, and spray paint. I got my thumbtacks from the Dollar Store. Love that price tag!

I just started on one end of the ball and pushed my tacks in so that they overlapped each other slightly. This was easier than I thought. At first I wanted to make it perfect, but my girls wanted to help, so I let them. And even though the placement of every tack WAS NOT perfect, you can’t even tell!

Thumbtack Craft Balls

To spray paint them, I pushed the pointy end of a skewer into an open space between two thumbtacks. Then held it out at arms length and spray painted it. Then I stuck the other end of the skewer into a hard foam block to keep it upright while it dried. I did do several coats of paint, because I wanted the color to really be rich.

Don’t worry about the small hole from the skewer, no one is going to notice it!

Thumbtack Craft Balls

After the balls are all dry, you can arrange them all together in a bowl, or glass container. You could even mix them with other types of decorative balls or objects. Get creative! If you decide to try out this easy craft project, I would love to hear about it and see pictures!

Now GO and get creating!

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