2013 AZ – 4th of July Celebrations {find the fireworks!}


Every year I scour the internet looking for firework shows and fun stuff to do here in Arizona. As a family we have attended a different 4th of July celebration every year for the last several years. We get around! But, there are so many great places to see fireworks here in the valley of the sun I want to check them all out. This year we will be attending the show in Goodyear at the ballpark and I am so excited. If you live in the area I highly recommend it. Plus I just super duper LOVE fireworks and so do my girls. I think is is in our blood. So in case you are also scouring the internet trying to locate the best fireworks shows around, about.com has made it super easy for you this year. They have compiled a pretty stinkin’ awesome list of all the shows in AZ and what they will be featuring plus a link to each show’s site so you can read and read about fireworks displays to your hearts content. This way you can decide which one to attend! So click on the link below and enjoy!

Arizona 4th of July Fireworks shows

Here is a blurb from about.com

“If you can’t find something to do on Independence Day in Greater Phoenix, you must never leave the house! There are so many places to enjoy 4th of July fireworks, picnics, barbecues, concerts, games, water play and other family activities. I have no doubt that several hundred thousand people every year are out somewhere in the Valley of the Sun having a grand ol’ Independence Day at one event or another.”

In other words, find something fun to do on the 4th and go and do it!

I LOVE FIREWORKS AND BBQ’S! What are you doing on the 4th?

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3 Responses to 2013 AZ – 4th of July Celebrations {find the fireworks!}

  • This was an awesome event! Sad we missed the fireworks though! guess that is the life of having a little baby! Was it a good firework show?

    • The firework show was awesome, we were sad you guys missed it to! But I totally get it, Tana and Tay were both terrified of fireworks when they were that age!

  • We go to the Lehi City show at Thanksgiving Point every year, since it is super close to our house. This year the shoe was 40 min long with an awesome finale for FREE!!

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