April Fool’s Day Ideas

April Fool's Ideas

Hi All! I know that April Fool’s Day is tomorrow 🙂 but if you are like me you haven’t come up with your “sneaky tricks” for this years practical jokes on your unsuspecting fam. Hopefully, you are not like me, and you are totally prepared (way to go if you are!) but if not, then here are a few great and EASY ideas for tomorrow. Most of the things you need for these tricks you probably already have in your house.

I am sharing all these April Fool’s Day ideas from pinterest. I pinned them on my “Laugh it UP” Board. There are more funny ideas there, you can check them out and follow me on pinterest HERE. 

You can also click on the name under each picture in this post to go to the original link. Thanks to everyone for coming up with such great ideas and sharing them on pinterest so my kids can have a great April Fool’s Day! Hee hee:-)

April Fool's IdeasClean and Scentsible has some AWESOME ideas for your family’s breakfast in the morning. I love this cereal with FROZEN milk, hee hee. She also has a great fried egg that looks totally real!

April Fool's IdeasCome Together Kids had this fantastic idea for your kids lunches. What a surprise when they pop open the fruit can to reveal not fruit….but yummy treats!! This would be an awesome mom moment. Totally doing this one tomorrow, perfect!

3399637694_6c6038a1c5_oDabbled has quite a few fun ways to make some food that looks like one thing…….but is actually really another! Surprise!

April Fool's IdeasLove Actually had this idea, it is a good one for the Hubs. I don’t know about yours, but my husband is the ultimate trickster and is really hard to prank, this would be awesome! I would want a video camera in the parking lot to record his reaction.

drawerMartha Stewart, who is full of incredible ideas on pretty much any topic, shared this idea of switching drawers around. Could be pretty fun at ‘O’ dark thirty when my husband is stumbling around with his eyes half open, not truly awake and trying to get dressed.

These creative ideas gave me some awesome inspiration for tomorrow, watch out family!! Gonna be a fun day….for ME!!

What about you? I would love to hear your pranking plans for tomorrow!

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4 Responses to April Fool’s Day Ideas

  • I am so lame and forgot it was April Fools day too!!! But my hubby was so sweet and said he got off work late and was just now driving home(30-40 min drive) then moments later walked in the door with flowers! so sweet!

  • That is hilarious! Yep the frozen milk is totally the one I am doing too.:)

  • I have no pranking plans because I forgot that it is April Fools day but thanks to this awesome post I will join the rest of the world. I like the frozen milk, definitely trying that. Brooklyn got some frozen bits one time and she totally freaked out and spit out her cereal! HAHA

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