Back to School Teacher Printable

Back to School Teacher Printable

I love teachers! In another life I wanted to be a teacher, but then I had kids and I realized how hard a job it really is to teach! I admire my girls’ teachers and all that they manage to do. They are special people. Even at the beginning of a new school year I love them already even though I haven’t even had time to get to know them. People that choose to teach deserve all the love, appreciation and yummy treats and goodies we can come up with! So, to start the school year off right here is a back to school teacher printable.

Back to School Teacher Printable

I bought a cute pink plastic basket/bucket from Target (LOVE that store!) and filled it with a few things to help my oldest daughter’s new teacher survive the first week of school. 1) Chocolate – chocolate pretty much helps with anything and everything, enough said! 2) Caffeine – and not just any caffeine folks, but made in Mexico with real sugar in a glass bottle Coca Cola…..oh yeah, the good stuff! 3) Awesome Pens – I love a sharpie. When I saw these florescent colored sharpies I could not help myself! My favorite pen in the whole world to write with are the sharpie fine tipped ones that don’t bleed. Pretty much perfection in a pen.

Back to School Teacher Printable

Hopefully these few little items will help Tana’s new teacher survive the first week of school a little more smoothly, or at least she can end the day with a goodie, and have fun pens to write with. Simple, but at least she knows I appreciate her. Teaching is a thankless job a lot of the time and any time we can say THANKS to our kids teachers, we should!

CLICK HERE to print the tags.

Back to School Teacher Printable

Buy the items printed on the tag, bag or basket or box them up however you like and show your teacher some love! Back to School we go!!

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