CK Convention and Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking 32 Turns

This last Friday I had the awesome chance to attend the annual CK Convention here in Mesa, Arizona! LOVE, love, love this conference. I try to attend every year and since I missed last years event, I was super excited to be able to make it this year. So many incredible vendors with amazing ideas and amazing products. I have so many new ideas bouncing around in my brain now I can’t wait to get to work on creating them and then sharing them with you ! I got some good deals on some fun stuff, and then of course there were some items that I absolutely COULD NOT live without and I spent too much on!! Oh well! {wink} it was totally worth it, sometimes something just inspires you and you HAVE TO HAVE IT! I cannot be the only one this happens to…..right?? 🙂

My sweet friend Amy attended the conference with me and it was so enjoyable to spend the day shopping with her as she is as in love with paper and scrapbooking supplies as I am which is A LOT!! She completely understands my obsession with paper and supports me in it! A friend like that is hard to find! hee, hee. Just look at that amazing piece of Chevron paper she is holding in her hand in the above picture, I totally bought 2 of them, it was pretty much love at first sight.

Since I am telling you all about my obsession with buying paper, I should explain that although I DO buy a lot of paper, and I DO have a lot of paper, I DO use it quite often! I love to make cards. You can check out some of them HERE.

Homemade Birthday Cards

 I love to scrapbook my family’s memories into albums. My kids enjoy flipping through all our albums and seeing themselves when they were younger. It is so fun to sit with them and tell them all the stories that the pictures in each album remind me of. I tend to forget things, so a scrapbook with lots of journaling is so important for me to preserve memories that I would otherwise forget. So, although I DO buy paper, I promise, I Do use it. Here are a few of my most recent scrapbook pages to prove it!

Scrapbook Pages Scrapbook Pages

 Since I told you one of my dirty secrets (that I purchase WAY too much scrapbook paper) you have to share one of yours, what do you collect in overabundance? I can’t be the only one with a seriously un-necessary obsession, no judgement, I promise! {HUGS!}

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7 Responses to CK Convention and Scrapbooking

  • Yes, I agree your pages are ALWAYS really cute! We should have a girls weekend and just scrapbook, good way to do some serious catching up!! My obsession is BOOKS, I LOVE books, pretty much all kinds of books especially ones with pretty covers. I totally judge a book by its cover. Even though I have a kindle (well two) and I love them as well, I still can’t resist buying books at the store. I don’t really re-read most books but I enjoy having them on my shelf to remind me of the memories of reading them. (kinda like the hubs obsession with taking pictures of every big fish he catches, which all look the same to me, but he can look at the pic and tell you where, when, what. Memories are good).

  • Awesome post Britany! It was a super fun day! Thanks for taking me! Can’t wait to use the new stuff!!

  • toothpaste! I always have coupons for toothpaste and there are always deals at the grocery store. So seriously I always have at least ten tubes of toothpaste. My Mr. Man is always like…REALLY MORE TOOTHPASTE! But I can’t help myself to a good deal! Someday he’ll appreciate my obsession!

    • Oh and I forgot to put this in my first comment but I ADORE you scrapbook pages. So cute! Wish I had the talent and creativity!

    • Um….so we are related because I have the SAME problem! We also have tons of toothpaste. One time our RS president was collecting boxes of toiletries and such for some families, I gave her a whole bunch, plus, of course, loads of toothpaste. Then as an afterthought I went to give her MORE toothpaste (because I had so much 🙂 and she told me to hold on to it. She said if/when a natural disaster happens, that toothpaste would be as good as currency! So keep it, have no shame in that obsession! Who knows what you may be able to trade for that toothpaste one day if it is unavailable in stores!! People like to have clean teeth!

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