Easy Fabric Organization

Easy Fabric Organization

 Fabric, yum. I can spend hours in the fabric section at the craft store touching and admiring bolts of fabric. They are so pretty, the possibilities of things you could make with them, endless. In my craft room I wanted a storage solution for my fabric that would make it both easy to access and see what I have, and be pretty to look at. I have seen similar tutorials in the blog world, here is how I did it.

I ordered a pack of comic book boards from Amazon. 100 of them for 10 bucks, score!

Easy Fabric Organization

In order for my fabric to cover the board completely, I  folded each piece of my fabric neatly in half, and laid comic book board on top with only the bottom edge aligning. (leave room at top and to the side for folding)

Easy Fabric Organization

Fold the right edge of fabric over the board.

Easy Fabric Organization

Fold the top of fabric down over the board.

Easy Fabric Organization

Last step! Fold the board over and over on itself wrapping the fabric neatly around it.

Easy Fabric Storage

There you go. Neatly folded fabric and no comic book board showing.

Easy Fabric Organization

Now all you need to do is arrange it on a shelf or a drawer or bookcase. You can even group them in colors if you are crazy pants like me. I love all the bolts of fabric at the craft store and I super duper love the mini bolts of fabric in my craft room!

Easy Fabric Organization



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12 Responses to Easy Fabric Organization

  • My problem would be: I’m ready to sew, find a fabric I like, but don’t know how much I have. I’ll have to pull it out, measure it, find out I don’t have enough, then start looking again. Before I’m done, I will have undone at least half of the beautiful boards on the shelf. Then I get discouraged, don’t want to put everything away and end up not making my project!

  • Thanks for sharing this!! I’ve tried doing this with my fabric stash before, but it didn’t work out well. I think I might have folded my fabric weird or something because yours looks so nice and neat! I think I’ll try the comic book boards from amazon! Pinned this!

    • Thanks again Megan for another sweet comment! I love having my fabric all neatly folded and out for view! It was really easy to roll the fabric onto the comic book boards, I highly recommend using them. It did…however take some time to get them all folded perfect and neatly. I will admit that I had help from my bestie. We sat and folded and chatted away. It was really fun, a friend makes everything better! Thanks for pinning, I appreciate it a lot!

  • You have a really good eye for decorating spaces! Your shelves look really good and I would love to have a space so I can do this with all my odds and ends fabric!

  • I love this! Will you come organize my house 😉

    • Brooke I will come and organize your house anytime as long as I can snuggle that girl of yours! I miss Claire, and you guys too! Have fun moving in to your new house, lots of new spaces to organize!

  • From one crazy pants to another, I dig how this turned out!

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