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Having a blog is all about SHARING! I love to share with you and I really love it when you leave comments and share with me! Keep it up!

 Today I wanted to share with you a few things that I have absolutely fallen in love with lately. Spring is always such a fun time for me, I feel so re-energized and I want to improve, organize, re-decorate, clean. Winter is over!!! It is time for Spring colors and fresh air, and getting rid of the winter blues. Today I finished painting my newly claimed craft room! I did it, I finally took over the kids play room, kicked their toys out and into their bedrooms and am setting up shop. Oh, it feels great. As a result of this momentous occasion (my very own craft room) most of the items on this favorites list have to do with crafting. My new beginnings this Spring are this blog and my craft space. I am in love with both.

One of my New Years Resolutions every single year is to GET CAUGHT UP on my family scrapbooks! Alas, I have not yet managed it.:( Sometimes I feel like I am gaining, but time just keeps on going, it seems that no matter how many layouts I complete there are things going on in my life now that continue to be added to the “need to scrapbook” list. Aaahhhh! I learned all about the Project Life scrapbooking program by Becky Higgins and fell in love even though I have never even used it! Isn’t it beautiful? I ordered one on HSN for a great price ( I just checked, there are a few left) and am so hoping that this will be the key to getting all my memories documented and into albums. I love to scrapbook, I love watching my kids flip through our albums; and I love telling them all the stories that each picture reminds me of. If you want to learn more about Project Life go here. I will keep you updated as I try it out and let you know how it goes! So excited!

Project Life

Next on the list is the Silhouette Cameo. This is a machine I have dreamed of owning for years. I have a Cricut, which I do love. But after seeing the Cameo in action I am nearly dying with anticipation for mine to arrive this week in the mail. I feel lots of craft projects on the horizon and I can’t wait to share them with you as I get to creating and learning all about my new toy.

Who doesn’t love a new toy?

Silhouette Cameo

Now onto the not crafty, but still equally exciting items. Look at the colors on this camera strap!! Don’t they just scream fresh and exciting to you? They definitely did to me and I will be sporting this nifty strap around my neck with my camera attached to it. It makes me feel happy and I want to take more pictures just to use it. What is even more exciting was the price point of this item, extremely affordable. I think I will be ordering more of these in the future!

Camera Strap

Last today is this amazing Life Planner by Erin Condren. I did save the best for last. I love to have organization in my life. This year this very planner is helping me to be productive, effective and seriously stylish while I am at it. I love, love, love the colors (I picked them out myself:) and I love that you can personalize the front. It is sturdy and colorful inside and out. Hands down the best planner I have ever owned. Yes, I do use my phone for a lot of my calendaring as well, but there is something about writing things down, about making a list and being able to physically check things off that inspires me to get more done. I know weird, but I know for a fact some of you suffer from the same malady! Admit it, you do! Can’t live without my phone, can’t live without this planner. It has quickly become an important part of my every day.

Life Planner

Thanks for letting me share a few of my most recent favorites for whipping my Spring sharing into shape! I think it is going to be the best Spring yet!

I would love to know what some of your favorites are that are helping you get organized and excited about life!


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  • I like the planner! I just told Jon yesterday that I had thought about getting a master planner to carry around with me. He looked at me like I was crazy and told me that was what my iPhone was for. I know, I know! But you are right, there is something about writing things down the old fashioned way:) To be honest it is easier to flip through pages of a planner and the calendar month view on my phone is too small for me.

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