Stay Put Bookmark

Stay Put Bookmark

I love this stay put bookmark. I am a crazy avid reader and this bookmark is awesome! I made one for my sister and my mom too because they also cannot put a good book down and carry their books everywhere with them. I know, I know, in this electronic age who reads “real” books anymore? I do read on my tablet A LOT, but there is just something unique about holding and reading a real book and not an electronic one! So if you are like me and often read from “real” books then this book mark will help you out.

It is perfect, it doesn’t slip out and it holds the pages down on theleft side while you read. It is especially neat because if you leave your book open on the table (you know when you get interrupted by your little one’s) it does not flip pages, or close on you making you lose your place!

Plus it is cute!

And so easy to make, all you need is:


Big Button

Elastic Hair Band

First decide how long you want your bookmark to be, I measured using a medium sized book. Cut your ribbon, then loop around the elastic hair band and sew. I went back and forth about 5 times so it was really strong.

Stay Put Bookmark

I used Fray Check to seal the edge of the ribbon, no fraying here!

Stay Put Bookmark

I inserted the ribbon back into the book and figured out where to place my button.

Then hand sew the button on. Trim any excess ribbon, and seal end with fray check.

Stay Put Bookmark

I sewed on an additional button in case I am using a smaller book. I grabbed a paperback to measure where to place that button. That way the bookmark works for big and small books!

Stay Put Bookmark

And there you go! You are now all ready for a snuggle in with a good book!


Anybody read anything good lately? I am always looking for my next good read!

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3 Responses to Stay Put Bookmark

  • Haha I love fray check too! When I used to make baby slings I would use it to finish my underside edge and it looked great, was easy, and didn’t add a bulky hem. Thanks for the awesome bookmark sis! I will never give up REAL books, I just like to smell them I think. Yep, I am weird.

  • I have a secret love named fray check….end of story. These look really cute and practical! A really good gift idea if you are running low on funds!

  • I want one of these!!

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