Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers

Sometimes when I am working on a project another project springs into my head and then I have to stop what I am doing to work on the new idea that I can’t stop from bouncing around in my brain. A lot of times this is what causes my craft room to look like a tornado has blown through! This constant shifting of attentions is also what oftentimes is the cause of me having many started projects and few finished ones! =) These particular fabric flowers popped into my head begging to be made whilst my sister and I were (well…mostly my sister) sewing up some aprons for my 2 girls. I love the fabric combo, teal and pink are so yummy and they just needed to be combined on a shirt for my littlest. Super easy to make! I just grabbed a white shirt from her closet and fabric scraps from the sewing project that I stopped mid halt to whip these babies up.

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