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Baker’s Twine Solution

Baker's Twine Solution

Baker’s Twine, it is so popular and rightly so! You can use it for all kinds of projects and it adds such a cute touch! I really love my “smallish” collection of twine but it is always shoved away in a box or bin where I have to dig it out in order to use it. I use my twine so much that I wanted it easily accessible in my new craft room, and it is so pretty that I wanted to display it! I needed a baker’s twine solution! Continue reading

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Chevron Wall Video Tutorial


Oh my goodness do I have a TREAT for you today!!! EEEEK, I am so excited to share it with you that I can hardly even hold still while I type this!!! I now have a chevron wall!!

MarcyMy sweet friend Marcy from Mural’s by Marcy, graciously painted a chevron pattern on the accent wall in my craft room!! She not only volunteered to paint this wall for me but she also filmed and put together a seriously professional video tutorial of how to do it so that you can paint a chevron patterned wall of your own!! Marcy is seriously talented! Her site is being re-designed by my husband as we speak so soon there will be some awesome content on there.

You should definitely follow her blog and like her on Facebook so you can get updates on her great projects! She paints murals, walls, and furniture, seriously great stuff! Hopefully we are going to be able to work it out so she is able to re-paint my piano this summer!! Fingers crossed, I will keep you posted!!

I have always loved patterned walls but have been too afraid to take one on, I thought it would be WAY too hard. In Marcy’s video she shows you that although it is time consuming to get it right:) that it is totally doable and the results are fantastic!!! See for yourself!!

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