St. Patrick Day Cupcakes

St. Patrick Day Cupcakes

St. Patrick Day Cupcakes are the best!

These cupcakes were the hit of our green St. Patty’s Day dinner.

I do love Holidays. Pretty much ANY Holiday will do. Holidays always call for fun things to eat and fun things to do. Both of those should always involve family or friends; or family AND friends. But with either, food is a must. Holiday food is the most fun.

For breakfast we had green Lucky Charms, in green milk, in a green bowl. I didn’t take any pictures. Boo.  That was an oversight on my part, next year I will do better. Dinner was held at my mom’s house (with family:) and the food was delicious.

I was in charge of bringing the dessert, because dessert is where it is at! I love dessert, it makes my heart swoon. Who doesn’t love dessert?

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