Jamberry Nails

How to Apply Jamberry Nails

Jamberry Collage

Applying your Jamberry nails can seem like a confusing task. You have purchased the wraps, you are dying to put them on but you want to do it right so that they stay on your finger nails/toe nails for as long as possible!

When people find out that I sell Jamberry Nail Wraps I either hear that they love them, or that the wraps didn’t work at all for them! I always encourage those who didn’t have success with their wraps to try them again. If they try again and follow the application process exactly they almost ALWAYS have success! Almost 100% of the time that someone tells me their Jamberries fell right off, or didn’t last more than a few days, it is user error. 🙂 You sure can’t be lazy when putting on your wraps {wink}. It does take a bit of time, but the extra time spent during application sure Continue reading

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