Lunchbox Notes

Chalkboard Lunch Box Notes

I like to leave my daughter little love notes in her school lunch box for her to find when it’s lunchtime. The school day is so very long, and I want her to have a little verbal hug from me halfway through the day to remind her that she is awesome and I love her. She likes getting these little notes from her momma! I thought it would be cute and fun to paint the lid of her lunchbox with chalkboard paint so we could write notes back and forth to each other. She will get my  lunchbox notes at lunchtime and can write me a little message back and I will get it when I clean her lunchbox out after school!

We did it all last week and it was super fun and has been so positive. This has already been such a great way for me to increase the amount of positive high fives I give her every day. I often forget to tell her the GOOD things she is doing and the GREAT things about her, and tend to only harp and nag. Yes, being a mom is hard! I oftentimes have to WORK to add and create great moments with my kids, but it is well worth the effort. This chalkboard lunch box notes system is awesome and I am loving it! It is helping me to create some special moments with my daughter and hopefully this little note system will be a fun memory for us when she is older.

Chalkboard Lunch Box Notes

Lullaby Paints has great chalkboard paint that comes in so many fun colors. But the best part about this specific chalkboard paint is that it doesn’t have a rancid smell like other chalkboard paints I have used in the past and it is super safe! Here is what the manufacturer has to say about their product:

“Our award-winning paint is praised as much for its color, coverage and durability, as it is for its safety. Attaining the highest certifications for product purity, Lullaby Paints is known in the industry as the safest paint available. Recognized by consumer advocacy groups and leading environmental organizations, used by hospitals and maternity facilities, lauded by magazines, designers and bloggers and, most of all, enjoyed by moms as pregnancy safe paints. We’ve revolutionized how safe and eco-friendly paints can be, for mom, baby, everybody.”

Chalk Board Lunch Box Notes

Love it! I love that it is safe for my family and the environment. Plus, it came shipped to me in this darling little box with tape, a sponge roller, plastic paint tray, and a little bag of chalk! The paint itself comes packages in the cutest little pouch which is not only cuuute, but is easy to pour and doesn’t make a mess and you can just use a little and then close it right up, easy peasy! Doesn’t really get any better than that does it!?!?

Chalkboard Lunch Box Notes

All I did was roll the paint right onto the clean lunchbox lid. I did use a small sponge brush to get the corners and edges. After it dried, I painted a second coat and then when both coats were dry I used the chalk they sent and wrote a little love note!

Chalkboard Lunch Box Notes

I would highly recommend this fun paint to anyone who wants a chalkboard surface somewhere. The black is great, but it is super awesome that the paint comes in all different colors. Keep your eyes open, they also sent me some RED paint and I have a fun project in mind for that stuff!!

Chalkboard Lunch Box Notes

This project was fun and easy, my fave! Simple and useful make any project one of my favorites and this one was definitely both! I am glad that it is helping me to add more lovey, love, love to my daughter’s day and help us communicate in a positive way with each other. Love that girl!!

Chalkboard Lunch Box Notes

What do you do to create great positive and loving moments with your children?

**Disclosure: I was given product for this post. All opinions are my own.**

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