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Oh man! Today’s post is like crack for my soul! Yes..I said crack. No..I don’t actually do crack, crack is not a joke. But sometimes there comes along something in my life that makes me feel so happy, that I feel like I am on a high I just don’t wanna come down from. Hence, the crack reference. But just like crack is no laughing matter, neither my friends, is my newly decorated and organized craft room! Every time I enter this room I feel energized and excited. It makes me want to create and never leave. It’s my safe haven in the place I call home. Other rooms in my house are not wholly mine, they get taken over on a daily basis by the little gremlins I call my beloved children. Gremlins that destroy and make messes, whine, cry and generally run amok. My craft room however is above all of that. No whiny gremlin children are allowed. I have placed a strict NO whining and NO crying and NO complaining ban at the doors of said craft room. So far, success! My children are sent packing out of this room as soon as I even get a hint of negativity. This room is my special place. I haven’t had my own room since I was a teenager. I went off to college and had roommates, then got married and gained an eternal roommate who I love to pieces, but let’s face it he leaves dirty man clothes on the floor and tiny hair particles from his daily shaving in the bathroom sink (among other things). Small potatoes I know, I don’t mind cleaning up these little inconsequential things, I am just telling you this to show you how OVERJOYED I am to have my own space. I can leave half completed projects sitting out for weeks and no one touches them! I can shut the doors and work and play the music I want to listen to! I can keep secret snacks in my desk drawer and no one finds them! Oh, heaven on earth people; heaven on earth!

So before I proceed with a tour, let me administer a little warning. Reading the rest of this post may make you want to create a room of your own as well. Proceed with caution. But if you choose to create your own little space in your home I promise you it will be worth the time and effort. I didn’t realize how much my own space would mean to me in a world where I am a mom, and a wife, and a sister, and a daughter, and a friend, and a ptsa president, and a teacher, and a blogger. Having a space for me and the things I love and enjoy makes me feel special, a place where I can be me with only my own demands to meet. If you are still reading then prepare for picture overload time!

Here is what the room looked like before. It was a play room for my kids that I had always planned on decorating super cute but never did. I figured their toys are always all over the house anyway, pretty much they play everywhere BUT their playroom so they didn’t really need this space. So far it has not been a problem. They haven’t missed it at all.





Not cute right?! It’s ok, you can say it, I totally agree, this space was screaming for a makeover.

Here are the afters. This room is a little tricky to get pics of just because it is fairly small and narrow and has a door on each side of the room.


Word cannot express how much I LOVE my CHEVRON WALL. It is the focal point of the room for sure and adds so much personality. I chose grey, and white for my main colors with hot pink and turquoise for the accent colors. I wanted colors that would really POP and be fun and energetic. I love decorative statements! I also adore my bakers twine frames hung on the wall. I use that stuff so much, easy access to it is a requirement, plus it looks pretty, can’t hide it away!


I found the white desk on craigslist and didn’t even have to paint it! Bonus! I spray painted my metal shelf that holds my handmade cards. Little chotskies decorate the awesome shelf attached to the desk along with my much beloved washi tape displayed in an apothecary jar.


Chicken wire is stapled to the back of the desk to give me a place to pin things of importance using my washi tape clothespins.


The bottom left of my chevron wall is home to my fabric and more knick knacks, scrapbook idea books, and bright pink canvas totes to hold little items and containers, fabric scraps, yarn, large spools of ribbon and other things.


I adore being able to see all my fabric organized by color. Helps me to want to create things and to know what I have without having to dig through storage bins. Super easy to do this, check out my fabric storage tutorial to do this yourself.


Here is the other focal wall of the room. As you walk in the main door you see the antique sewing desk I made over and the old lamp I gave a face lift to. The desk opens up when I need more sewing space.


I put all my buttons in jars organized by color. My girls actually sat and organized them for me, they had a blast spreading them all over the floor and sorting through them. I loved it too since I didn’t have to do it and it kept them busy for a long time! The canvas art is a custom piece that my sweet friend Marcy from Murals by Marcy painted for me as a gift when I finished my craft room. It is perfect, matches my chevron wall, and “create” is definitely the theme of this space so she nailed it on the head! She is uber talented, you need to check her out!

Marcy is super good to me, she painted my chevron wall, free handed the pink design on the front of my sewing desk and made the above canvas. Let’s just say… I LOVE having her in my life!! Her video tutorials are amazing!


 To the left of my sewing desk sits the pride and joy of all my craigslist finds! I picked this one up as my birthday present 2 years ago for only $150 buckeroos brand new still wrapped in plastic! It is an armoire that perfectly houses all my craft stuff and the middle even folds open for a mini work space. Again, it came white so I didn’t even have to paint it!

In the window seat I placed 6 reflections scrapbook storage cubes that I bought on sale at Michael’s for 50%off! Did I mention I REALLY like a good deal! The curtains are ruffled and hot pink and I bought them where…of course at Target! Where else? I love them, they were a little pricey but perfect for the room. In fact they cost me more than the sewing desk did! Agh! I thought about making them, saw these and then changed my mind and just bought them.

So, what do you think? Are you as in love as I am? You can come and craft with me anytime! Do you have a craft space of your own? If you do, leave me a link in the comments, I would love to check it out!

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