Easy Scrapbooking

National Scrapbook Month!

May is National Scrapbooking Month. Now I know that might not mean a whole lot to some of you, but since I am a scrapbook enthusiast AND am working uber hard to get caught up to date on my scrapbooks this year, it means a lot to me! So since I am working like a dog to get all my memories up to date into albums I thought today I would share a super easy, great trick for some easy scrapbooking.

This little trick can help you whip out some quick, great looking pages and you can use this technique over and over again and get different results every time. Genius! Seriously I love it!!

You will need 2 pieces of 12×12 paper for the base of your layout. Pick whatever color you want, I chose white. Then grab your accent paper cut in half to 6×12. Flip you accent paper over and on the back use a pencil to freehand a curvy line from one side of you paper to the other, staying relatively in the middle. I always draw several lines until I end up with one I like.

Easy Scrapbooking

Cut along your line with scissors. This now gives you 2 accent pieces.

Easy Scrapbooking

Place one accent piece at the bottom of your LH base page, put the other accent piece on the RH side of your RH base piece.

Note: you can place your accent pieces wherever you like, but placing them like this draws your eyes into the center of the layout which is what you want:)

Feel free to cut 6X12’s of as many different accent papers as you want and draw differently shaped lines on the back. After you cut and then place them together it creates a really fun layered look.

I ALWAYS ink the edges of my paper using an ink pad, or sponge. This step is definitely not necessary, but it hides any imperfections in your cutting and gives it a finished look that I really like.

Easy Scrapbooking

To make this layout even easier I didn’t even crop my pictures!!! I just stacked them right next to each other and got SEVEN pics on this layout. Then feel free to add lettering, stamping, stickers, embellish away! Just makes it more fun.

Easy Scrapbooking

Quick, easy, and versatile, a great layout to start whipping out those pages for your albums, especially if you are like me and you are way behind and are busting to get current!

Have fun and Happy National Scrapbooking Month!

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  • I am so glad you posted this one! I need more easy ideas for whipping out some scrapbook pages so I can try and get caught up!

    • I agree, I need some fresh simple ideas. I love the wave idea. I have done the torn edges several times before.

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