Teacher Appreciation Gift {free printable}

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Last week I became the new PTSA president for the 2013-2014 school year at my daughter’s elementary school. I am super excited and to be honest a bit overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. But like my husband says, “it’s like an elephant, you gotta take it ONE bite at a time.” This is often his advice to me, it is his way of trying to get me to calm the heck down and relax! Good luck I tell him! Relax…calm down… those are things I do not know how to do!! Anyone relate?

But back to my original thought, PTSA. So since my life is quickly filling with school related tasks I am going to be sharing some of them with you. Don’t worry, not the boring ones, just the crafty ones! In this case, since it is teacher appreciation week, we as a PTSA wanted to give our teachers a fun little gift on a small budget. I saw THIS project and it launched my creative process. Sharpies! Every teacher I have ever seen uses Sharpies. I had my sweet friend TJ from Sweet Sugar Blossoms made this great printable. Here is what I am putting in each teacher’s mailbox today.

Teacher Appreciation Gift

It has our mascot, the Broncos on it so I asked her to make a generic one for you…and she did! Isn’t that great?!?! Love her, plus she is so talented!

To print click here

Teacher Appreciation

 Cute huh? Me likey!

Get creative, you don’t have to use the printable the way I did. There are so many possibilities! Here is another one just to give you an idea.

Fill a mason jar with sharpies and attach the printable to the front. So fun, any teacher would love to get such a great, colorful assortment of sharpies!


Teacher Appreciation Week isn’t over yet, plus this printable will work great for an end of the year gift as well!

Have fun and go express some appreciation to your kids teachers! They deserve it!

If you are looking for even more great teacher appreciation gift ideas, check out my Teacher Appreciation Board on Pinterest!

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