Father’s Day Treat and Printable

Father's Day Treats

I am always on the lookout for a great Father’s Day Printable to go with a yummy treat. At church for the past few years I have found myself in charge of creating or finding a father’s day gift for all the men in our congregation. It has to be fairly ¬†inexpensive and easy to mass produce. Those are not the easiest set of criteria! Last year I put together these treat bags and T.J. from Sweet Sugar Blossoms created this printable at my request. She did such a great job, I love the tie in the background. These treat baggies totally met the requirements of 1) very inexpensive and 2) easy to assemble.

Father's Day

All you need is 1- printable tags, 2- cello bags, 3- twine, 4- scissors & hole punch, 5- nuts/treats

Father's Day

I had them printed at a print shop to save my little ‘ole laser printer. Then I cut them with my paper trimmer. I got a couple of ladies together who were also tasked with this project and we set up an assembly line and got to work. We put together 110 of these babies and it took us less than 40 minutes. Oh yeah, we are fast….and also we were crazy jacked up on caffeine being that we did this at 1 in the morning! Isn’t that when you get your projects done?? LOL!

Father's Day

One of us put bagged peanuts and a few candy bars into cello bags, and one of us punched holes in the tags and the other one tied twine through the tag and around the cello bags. Done! They turned out great, and were easy to distribute at church for Father’s Day.

Father's Day

I can think of so many ways to use this tag, get creative, I would love to know what you do with it!




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