What are Jamberry Nails?


I have recently become a Jamberry Nails consultant and I am LOVING it! What are Jamberry Nails you say? They are adhesive vinyl that lasts on your fingernails for up to 2 weeks and your toenails up to 6 weeks!! What! Shut the front door right!


I love, love, love having my
nails painted but I have a hard time finding the time to paint them and let them dry, I always ending up dinging them while they are still wet, ugh! Plus let’s be honest here, I am not that great at painting my nails. They don’t always look that great! Kinda more like this.

Jamberry 8

I also love getting a gel manicure at the salon but they are expensive, and again finding the time to go to the salon is always hard, especially with my new little guy.

Jamberry Nail Wraps are so easy to apply. There is no drying time and they don’t chip! They look amazing on my fingers and there are over 300 designs and colors to choose from which makes me so very happy! So many different ways to express myself 🙂 This is why I had to become a consultant. I just couldn’t decide when placing my order, I wanted ALL of them! LOL! Just look at some of these that I decided I couldn’t live without.

Jamberry Collage

But seriously, it is such a great product, it is high quality and affordable and super cute and fashionable! I am pretty much addicted!

Plus they are Buy 1 Get 1 Free! Which is a super great deal, and means that a manicure/pedicure that lasts for weeks only costs you around $4 DOLLARS!!!

Here is the link to my website where you can peruse the online catalog for yourself and see all the awesomeness that is Jamberry Nail Wraps.

Britany’s Jamberry Website

They are also extremely easy to put on, you just follow the directions from Jamberry and you probably have everything you need to apply them already in your home.


If you have any questions about Jamberry (ie. the company, the nail wrap, how to order them, how to apply them, how to sign up to sell them yourself) feel free to message me anytime. I will be doing additional Jamberry “how to” posts in the near future with tips and tricks and more awesome info so stay tuned!

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