Wear Red. Just Do it!

Susan Dubow triple leather wrap bracelet 32turns

When in doubt, wear red. Let’s face it, most days I just don’t want to get dressed. With kids, dishes, house cleaning and my often unmade bed calling my name….what the heck is the point of getting dressed?? Seriously, are you with me here? Thank goodness for the fact that I have to pick my kids up from school and I don’t want to arrive looking too homeless; otherwise, I might never get dressed.

Even though getting showered, putting on real pants and wearing makeup seem like such a chore, the days when I do take the time (even a tiny bit of time) to get ready I just feel better. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. I am a nicer mom and a nicer wife and I usually get more done if I am some semblance of dressed. I also know I am not the only one who has wardrobe wars when trying to figure out WHAT to wear for the day. Let’s get real here, that alone is often the reason I stay in sweat pants, I hate deciding what to wear. But, one color always makes me feel better, and that my friends is red.

Susan Dubow triple leather wrap bracelet 32turns

So when in doubt, wear red. Even if you just manage to throw on sunglasses and red lipstick with your tshirt. BOMBSHELL is what that is! Red is Continue reading

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What are Jamberry Nails?


I have recently become a Jamberry Nails consultant and I am LOVING it! What are Jamberry Nails you say? They are adhesive vinyl that lasts on your fingernails for up to 2 weeks and your toenails up to 6 weeks!! What! Shut the front door right!


I love, love, love having my
nails painted but I have a hard time finding the time to paint them and let them dry, I always ending up dinging them while they are still wet, ugh! Plus let’s be honest here, I am not Continue reading

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20 EASY {Last Minute} Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on Shelf Collage

Here are some EASY {last minute} Elf on the Shelf Ideas to help you get through to Christmas with creative “elfing”. I like easy and creative and thank goodness there are so many people out there that share their awesomeness so that I too can  be an awesome parent and not even have to work that hard at it. I love having our elf Rosey at our house but I was starting to run low on ideas of things to have her do each night. This list is Continue reading

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Favorite Things Giveaway


Alright, here is ANOTHER great GIVEAWAY I am participating in!!! There is LOTS of good stuff up for grabs! Myself and 7 other blogger friends put together our Favorite Things to give away to YOU! Check out the links below to find out WHY each item is that blogger’s favorite!

32 Turns {ME!} – Mason Jar Mug
And Here’s To You Mrs. Robinson – Chic Layered Stone Necklace
Hello Little Scout – Ice Cube Trays
Impractical Composition – Handmake Gray Flower Clip
Lady Makes It – Rachel Ray Spatula Set
Party Pixie – Blue Square Cake Pedestal
Simplistically Sassy – Maybelline Baby Lips
Party Pixie – Lollipop sticks/mini treat cups

I contributed the Mason Jar Mug….why you ask! Well, because it is Continue reading

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25 Days of Christmas Giveaway!!

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to let you know that I am guest posting today for Rachel at I {Love} My Disorganized Life with a super fun and super sweet Christmas Cookie Recipe for her 25 days of Christmas series!

25 Days of Christmas Button

Rachel also has the following giveaway going on with some great prizes just in time for the Holidays!


a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Good luck, hope you win!!

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