Let Me Count the Ways..


This post is dedicated to my husband Brad. Today is Father’s Day and this post is a list of reasons why he is awesome and perfect for me and our girls. Now I didn’t say he is perfect, no one is perfect, Brad will be the first one to tell he is not perfect; but he IS perfect for our family.

 Brad will not like this post because it is all about him and because it is not written with the intent of attracting attention from the blogosphere to grow my blog. Brad will like this post also because it is all about him and because it tells a story of why he is such an amazing dad and shows how much he is loved by his girls.

This Father’s Day Brad is in Kansas on a business trip. Bummer! So….since he is gone out of town and we can’t give him a real hug, this post is a “computer hug” through the internet. We love you babe, we think you are perfect! Why…well let me count the ways. Commence the trip through memory lane.


Back to old school 2007. Brad is a goof, he teaches our children to goof. He has taught our children to be goofs, and to goof off since they were tiny and small. I love this about him. He makes me laugh, he makes our family laugh, he is hilarious and even though at times it is infuriating (like when I am trying to be serious) it is one of my favorite things about him. From the time I was a young girl and you made those lists of traits you wanted in a future husband, make me laugh was at the TOP of my list. This girl got what she wanted. Thanks for being freakin’ hilarious babe. Don’t ever change!


On to 2008 One of my favorite pictures ever. This was a couple weeks after our youngest Taylor was born. Brad is always so good at letting me go to the grocery store by myself. I have rarely EVER had to take kids to the grocery store in all my mothering days. A small thing…yep, but if you are a mom you know it is a HUGE thing to go to the store alone. Those moments are seriously sanity saving. This particular picture portrays the first trip I took to the grocery store alone leaving Brad with 2 children. I was barely gone an hour and came home to the above scene. Both girls and husband dead asleep on the couch. It was so funny and so sweet that I laughed and cried as I put groceries away. They didn’t even wake up!


Continue to 2009. Making the most of things, and improvising, both are things that Brad does well. As you can see Brad and I ARE NOT dressed for a family Christmas picture! It was supposed to be Santa and the girls only. I prepped, and primped the girls and hauled our whole family to wait to see Santa. Brad of course supported the endeavor the whole way even though it was way more important to me than him. Taylor would not sit on Santa’s lap. Look are her face! She screamed and screamed and so Brad suggested we just all take the picture together. Definitely NOT our best family picture, but now it is one of my faves. One word for you, solidarity. I love that things that are important to me are important to Brad, and that he improvises and makes the most of things with a smile on his dimpled face.


2010. Outside, camping, hiking, riding bikes, swimming, inventing games. Brad is so good at all these things and at playing with his children. When we camp he takes our girls on a special hike with only Dad. I get to stay at the campsite while they explore without me. The girls love it because Dad lets them climb, touch, and do things that I would definitely veto! Too dangerous, too gross..I am not as much fun as Brad is! He is so great at making memories our children will never forget.


Journey on to 2011. Girls. My husband lives in a house full of girls. He is so great at putting up with our pink girliness and letting his girls wrap him around their little fingers. Notice the frying pan in Taylor’s hand. Yep! This was the Rapunzel faze after the Disney movie was released. Taylor took that frying pan everywhere and would hit people (especially Brad as he was a boy) on the head with it just like Rapunzel did to the prince. This picture is right after Brad got bopped on the head by Tay and he is still trying so hard to fit that pillow behind her while he struggles to buckle her in. If this picture was of me at the same moment you would see that I am laughing hysterically:) Along with the frying pan this was also the stage of dragging that pillow around, she insisted that she had to have it in the car and even though she sat at this awkward angle with that pillow shoved behind her she insisted that is was more comfortable! Oh the things Brad does for his girls.


2012, here we come. Goofy, did I already mention that trait???? I love that Brad is funny and that my girls have a great sense of humor and that we laugh together. It makes life more fun.


Finally 2013. This is not a picture of Brad. It is however a picture of our girls at Easter this year. If you look closely at Taylor’s face she is not super happy. This is because as Brad and I hid Easter Eggs for the hunt, my sneaky husband filled up a few “special” eggs with dirt and rocks. What?!?! He is such a boy! I took this pic as Tana and Tay were opening up their eggs and dumping out their candy and treasures into their buckets. Tay ended up with all 3 of the “dirt” eggs. She opened up the first one and thinking it was candy (why would she think it was anything else?!) dumped it into her bucket ruining all her candy inside by covering it with dirt and rocks! We had to get her new candy because you cannot eat dirt covered candy on Easter! She was crying and disappointed. I still wonder what the heck Brad was thinking, but I love that he never stops surprising us and he is not boring!


His face, he makes THE BEST funny faces you have ever seen. When he is out of town on business my girls love to Skype with him. They end up laughing so hard at the crazy faces Brad can pull off to entertain them.

Brad is a hard worker, he is a committed father and husband, he loves with all his heart, he makes me laugh until I shoot milk from my nose, he is honest, he plays hard, he knows how to relax, he helps our family remember what is important, he is my best friend and my girls’ best Dad.

We love you Dad! Happy Father’s Day! Hurry home!!

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7 Responses to Let Me Count the Ways..

  • HaHa! I love all these old pictures. Especially Tay’s face with Santa!! I sometimes have to tell myself to chill and have fun too. I get annoyed too easily at goofy behavior and especially from Jon when I am trying to be serious. The kids think Jon is so funny! Hunter didn’t want to get his diaper changed and go down for a nap so I asked Jon if he would do it since I didn’t want to fight with Hunter yet again. He did and while Hunter screamed the whole time, Jon was making up a very enthusiastic story about a knight who needed to fight the dragon baby and change him, dress him, and how the knight won the battle, etc. The kids heard Jon and rushed to Hunters room to giggle at Jon’s antics. This is something that doesn’t come to my mind most of the time. My response would have been to be a more tired and frustrated mommy. I definitely can learn a few things from this goofy dad!

    • I love that story about Jon changing Hunter’s diaper! Seriously, you are right we need to lighten up and have more fun! Sometimes I see Brad do something similar and I think, what the heck is wrong with me, I need to just relax and have fun!

  • Adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  • I have always loved Brads fun sense of humor. Love this post! And I also love you Brad! Mom

  • awww that is so sweet! I feel like I got a glimpse of your wonderful life:)

  • love this!

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