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Ok, so I had BIG plans this Summer to finally put my kids chore chart (that took me forever to make!!) to good use! The dreams were beautiful in my head, they went something like this: children happily doing their chores and smiling as they finish them and are rewarded with time on their electronic devices (computer, wii, netflix, etc) CRASH, the sound of my dreams NOT coming true and we are only TWO weeks into summer vacation! Agh!

I don’t know about you, but I HATE how much time my kids can and want to spend on games and shows!!! If I let them they would turn into electronic robots with bloodshot eyes and mushy brains who never looked up from their devices! Ugh! Seriously, how to control it? It is so easy to let them play their video games and computer games and indulge them in their tv watching because it gives me my kid free time I desperately crave during the endless hours of summer.


But I have to pry them away and teach them responsibility by doing their chores and helping around the house, that is my job as a mom. If you ask my children that is my only job, they feel that I exist to boss them around. =) They need to do their reading and play some games where they use their imaginations. They need fresh air, and exercise. Enter the Media Bucks!

I award these to my kids when their chores are done, when they listen and obey the FIRST time, when they do their reading, when they are nice to each other or are just acting in some way awesome and sweet. You can use these bucks however you choose. And since my kids are always burning right through their earned media bucks they are always trying to earn more which makes me a happy momma! I love the mileage I can get out of these buckeroos!

Just look at them playing so nicely together today, all their media bucks are gone and out come the toys. I love it!


Here are the pdf’s for you just in case your media addicted children are driving you crazy as well! {wink}

Clck Here for 5 Media Bucks

Click Here for 10 Media Bucks

Click Here for 20 Media Bucks

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